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for Shake The Stars Into Birth

7/18/2018 c7 Nollypoo
Is his mommy an assassin?!

Love this, I hope you write more for it!
8/17/2017 c6 20shadows-of-1832
That's an interesting detail, what Navet found out in regards to Bossuet's attack. It'll be interesting to see how that all plays out.

If I'm inferring right from the conversation, Elisabeth and Valjean know each other, which peaks my curiousity a bit. But what's a little more intriguing is the whole "This isn't my battle any longer" line, as in what was Valjean involved in that may have also involved Elisabeth and Victor?
8/12/2017 c2 shadows-of-1832
Poor Ep, how rough things are for her...

I really like this coding concept for the messages, versus actual letters between mother and son.

(PS: Somehow this did not go through when I originally thought I submitted it.)
8/12/2017 c5 shadows-of-1832
I really liked the beginning with R and Prouvaire. What Jehan saw, a bit of foreshadowing, perhaps?

I'm curious to see how Valjean is involved in all this, assuming the coded message came from Elisabeth.

Way to go, Eponine! I'm so glad for moments like that. But what I really liked is how she suggested not to think of her name too highly, because though she is Thenardier, it is a blessing and a curse.
8/12/2017 c4 shadows-of-1832
That is quite an interesting tale with Lafayette, and I loved how the title of the fic fit into it.

As for the second encounter with Eponine...Eek! :)

Also, that is an interesting observation for Enjolras to make of his mother. "His mother has surprisingly shown how wide her knowledge was of this city, and it would be wise to consult her more. Although it does perplex him how his mother arrived with the kind of solutions she has posed." This is still quite early on in the story, so only time will tell if there's any significance to that.

On a side note, it was nice to see that bit of J/B/M too.
8/12/2017 c3 shadows-of-1832
What an interesting conversation between Olivier and Elisabeth there at the beginning. I do hope we get to see more of that.

Despite that attack, I am glad Bossuet is okay.
8/4/2017 c3 24EnjolrasLovedEponine
I love the tone you've set for the story, and it is clearly evident all the hard work you put into this. The scene in the Gorbeau House, as grim as it is was my favorite part so far. While most of the enjonine stories I've read are rather generic, yours is taking an interesting direction by the way you've shaped it and the different character interactions. It so far is thoroughly enjoyable and you should be very proud. Keep it up, don't let anyone stop you. :)
7/28/2017 c1 20shadows-of-1832
I like the set of encounters you started with here, particularly the one involving Eponine. The set involving Cosette and Gavroche was nice to see, as I've seen little interaction between them before.

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