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9/10/2017 c16 callanagassi92
Cool nice chapter although i see buffyverse witches being compare to mercyverse witches a problem meaning that witches/ magicusers in buffy gets really powerful able to do godlike things even fight and hurt gods and this wanting to get someone to train willow instead of letting her grow on her own and make her mistakes takes away from her becoming one of the most powerful beings . Buffyverse magic user can rewrite reality destroy demons that scare the shit out of the strongest mercy thompson characters . And this is season 4 willow is basically head hunted to be a demon by dhoffryn because of her growing power. Im interested in what mercyverse witches/magic users can teach willow who is somewhat superior especially after her whole my will be done spell that could alter reality.
8/23/2017 c11 callanagassi92
It was good chapter liking the confrontation between buffy and charles but again im still not seeing her fighting at the full potential and ability she normal is at she is superhuman angel has killed werewolves bigger than mercyverse werewolves with his bear hands and demons that are stronger and buffy is faster and stronger than him . So shouldnt she be wiping the floor with him even with his experience she has thousands of yrs and she has used it. Then there is the fact that shes has the essences of an ancient demon in her which is older than werewolves . Yet that is still being disregarded shouldnt he alittle more cautious about her. Arent demons a big deal in the mercyverse. Should she be more powerful than an alpha werewolf she not some super awesome mary sue but she is powerful even with out her friends but with them she is more powerful. And god werewolves are assholes really wolves dont even act like this i think its just humans in them using the whole alpha and dominant shit as an excuse to be asses. But still loving the story continue the righting interested in oz storyline i would also love to see adam come in and beat charles and buffy around he was a tough villain then glory show mercyverse what a true god is like.
8/11/2017 c7 Guest
That wolf better watch his self iv seen enough buffy to know the slayer would skin him. Plus in their story weres turn into just slightly over size wolf not twilight big but . Which is still not a problem for buffster who takes down demons bigger than that and had a fist fight with a hell god that destroy builds hell even angel can kill werewolves with his bare hands and buffy verse werewolves are bigger and meaner and stronger when tranform so mabye charles should watch his self.
8/9/2017 c6 callanagassi92
So brother wolf thinks the slayer is intriguing . Honestly i think people constantly lowballs buffy. Cause here is a girl literally walking around with the essences of an ancient pureblood demon . Werewolves are just primal spirits shouldnt he be a little more wary of her being that she is a bigger predator . Like a lion or tiger meeting a wolf logically the big cat would win and puts more fear in the wolf. And being in the buffyverse she fights things that can destroy the world wats the most he has fought.
8/7/2017 c4 Guest
Those werewolves sound extremely controlling and pretentious like an abusive husband . Why do they need to act like that its not even how wolves act. Creepy.
7/28/2017 c1 Guest
Interesting in all rights he really should back off especially going after a slayer ive see what buffy is used to fight and most of them would pick their teeth with him.

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