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1h c97 Epicweaver
Also while he's a jerk for pointing it out like that Gueat RED:RE does have a bit of a point about spelling errors lol. it doesn't hurt your plot or dialogue particularly, but it can spoil a readers immersion by disrupting the flow of the read. this fic has tons of spelling errors, but its still worth the read definitely. however I'm sure we'd all prefer new chapters to proofed earlier chapters despite the whiners. thanks again tho, great SI Spiderman fic.
1h c98 Epicweaver
fun read.. thanks for putting this together and sharing it. I'm dying to know what will happen when MC returns to "his" Earth. Between him being a terrorist, Hydra, Reed, and Doom plots theres so much awesome coming after Spiderverse! I do gotta wonder why the Storm siblings didn't seem to have visited Reed and Ben for like years after they left, seems cold, especially iirc that MC said it wasn't too far a trip back for a visit. Johnny I can get because of chicks and adventure. Sue however I'd like to think was more compassionate and guilty over just glutting on new science stuff to keep distracted. Even if she became a GF I'd still like to think it would have eaten at her for the FF stuff being unresolved. Still I'm dying to read reactions when MC gets back to Earth, he's waaaaaaaay more powerful than he was when he left and him just no selling all the jerks will be glorious. I also really want him to rub Furys face in the dirt, Its been dozens of chapters but I'm still kinda pissed at him lol. thanks again.
5h c98 2CydrikSpider
I hope you're still alive dude
7h c98 RED
RE: Chapter 98. Mr. Author, and I don't say this lightly, could you plug this chapter into Google Word or Grammarly? Because you have probably at least a hundred different misspellings and Grammar mistakes.
Please put it in a decent program and re-upload it. It makes you look a LOT better.
5/13 c98 Guest
Holy shit pal it's been a long ride. I started reading this the day before yesterday and just finished it. This really is one of the better written fanfiction SIs I've ever read. Your SI can sometimes be too smart or too Mary Sue-like, yet you've managed to make it compelling and interesting. There was no point where I was bored with the flow or action. You're a really good writer!
Another thing that all fanfiction writers use as a compulsory sentence is 'rolled/rolling his/her/their eyes'. The sheer number of times the characters have rolled their eyes in this story, I'm surprised their eyes didn't just permanently roll to the back of their heads. It's actually kind of funny once you starting looking for it.
Yeah I like your SIs reactions to Nick Fury cause I feel like he's the paranoid Batman of Marvel(obviously not as cool). And no insult, but one just does not walk into the halls of Asgard and insult the All-father and live to tell the tale. I get it, he's a smartass with a genius IQ and all but Odin while taking the award for (one of the) worst father ever, is someone you DO NOT piss off. Like, EVER.
And, the Harem. Lol it was kinda funny how you tried so hard not to make this a Harem story but in the end, it ended up being a harem story. Dread it, run from it, harem still arrives.
And I've some doubts like isn't this SI infused with Thor blood and his cellular structure, so shouldn't he be as durable as Thor? The guy who took the full force of a star? So the inheritors shouldn't really be a problem for him, right?
I was kinda hoping your SI would save Frank Castle's family, but I guess we can't have everything we wish for.
So you haven't updated this since January. I really hope you haven't been affected by COVID. Best wishes and hopefully see you soon xoxo
5/12 c63 1spoil3dg3nius
chopsticks is Japanese custom. In nepal-india people generally use their hand to eat food.
5/11 c98 Shadow Spirit
Fuck pussy nigger! That's how you think like a real black-skin? you're going to prostrate and beg to your mighty masters and kiss our foot like stray dog Trying to beg to got a house.
Good, I can feel your lust. I am pantsless. Take your dick. Strike me down with all of your lust and your journey towards the bitch side will be complete!
5/10 c15 BlazeStryker
Bruce would need a 'strap and major Tantric training. For the record, in Thor Ragnorak Hulk is relaxed and Bruce is unsure of his separate existence for two reasons.

1) First, Natasha got hurt after she'd calmed down Hulk to Banner, to the point both sides of him consider Bruce too puny.

2) Hulk got laid there. He could party. He could drink. He got LAID.
5/10 c98 Ryan772
Can you actually finish your stories before writing new ones?
5/7 c98 Toast
Nice work, binged it all in like 3 days. Cant wait for more if your still active. Can't seem to find the published date of latest chapter
5/6 c12 6era-romance
honestly your Peter is a bit like what I think a sane Deadpool would be... just without the whole breaking the fourth dimension thing.
love it, but just saying
5/6 c2 era-romance
the hubris of ur si is astounding. hope he develops a better personality. if this was star wars and ur SI had dropped into anakins body he would've fallen to the Dark side in the first chapter. just saying he may need some meditation practice...seeing as he's relating to batman it wouldn't be off character either. well, back to readingonly half way through this chapter but had to stop to comment)
5/4 c1 nater0730
awesome job
5/3 c11 dudepotatos
Remember, Pete. Radioactive sperm
5/2 c98 salehhannan.o5
hey man
when are you finishing this?
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