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5/22 c55 vaibhavsingh4jan
You just made Reed evil so sue can be with Peter,didn't you? Admit it, you just want Peter to get all the hot girls and the men that were with them will become problematic like abusive or something. I am only reading this for the interactions and definitely not your romance.
5/22 c54 vaibhavsingh4jan
making every man beside Peter a jerk when they are dating his love interests is getting so old now...
5/19 c1 starfire202010
I’m back for good
5/19 c98 starwarsBoy123
Please update soon, one of the best stories iv read.
5/16 c98 ASimpleReader
So far this has been one of my favorite Spider-Man stories, and I hope you can publish a new chapter soon I'd love to see this story continue on. But I'm guessing life has been busy for you or you've lost interest in someway; either way I hope to see you and your writing once more.
5/15 c59 1AlexanderTheGrey
RIP Mordin Solus
5/15 c98 Shadow Spirit
Fuck pussy nigger! That's how you think like a real black-skin? you're going to prostrate and beg to your mighty masters and kiss our foot like stray dog Trying to beg to got a house.
Good, I can feel your lust. I am pantsless. Take your dick. Strike me down with all of your lust and your journey towards the bitch side will be complete!
5/11 c1 sqawiemm
Bro...why is your story's main character gotta be so goddamn who in the flying **** would say "Sexy cat lady said what now?" some s*** like it's just sad man because your writing style is just... keeps me reading for HOURS and the only thing that keeps me from continue reading this fic is your main watch some tutorial about how to make an mc or something man because you really need it.
5/10 c84 Omkar
So it's basically the same concept as a jinchuriki. Considering Kushina was also weakened during her birth and all
5/6 c1 Guest
Burn in Hell you shitstain. You don’t forgive people like this. You don’t play nice. You tell the fucker peter to go fuck himself. I’ve blacklisted you as a writer. I can’t stomach your stupidity and forgiveness tripe. It’s bullshit and only gets you betrayed again. You want company and friends? Find new people that havnt already proven to be false. Those don’t get another chance. Billions of others out there to find that might not be such disgusting examples of human feces. Family? Means nothing but sharing some similarities with people. They can be just as sick, just as evil, and just as backstabbing. Even being born of the same womb doesn’t mean they are incapable of betrayal. If anything when family does it, it just hurts worse. Fuck “family” is more important. It’s a brainwashed lie. Fathers raping daughters, mothers abusing sons. If family actually fucking mattered, those things wouldn’t happen. Fuck family! Fuck blood! And fuck forgiving betrayers, EVER!
5/5 c90 Dukesicle
Ironically he does have a very high actitud toward magic
5/1 c4 Laiking08
Bro why tf did u let him hit u smh no wonder this story is dropped
5/1 c4 Laiking08
If Peter really did throw the hammer with all his might then the guy would have no head tf
5/1 c3 Laiking08
I find it difficult that for all your said knowledge of what Peter can do like lifting wise u still dont know that 500lbs is nothing to him shit I can rep deadlift 500lbs smh
5/1 c98 N2
Please continue.
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