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9/24 c98 niggers hater
You should bow down before a proud racist man, and remember that I chase your story is disgusting forever, nigger
9/23 c98 1Akira Stridder
Hows everything with you?
9/13 c98 steel.metal14
A fucking good story.
9/8 c98 tenibris.tokyo19
Hello, when you come back, extra friend, this story
9/4 c98 Jay Buckley
Is this dead?
9/3 c98 Myloman
Just blitzed the story and was a little disappointed such a gem hasn't been updated in two years. Hopefully you continue this in the future.
8/30 c98 Yopleasee
Just read through eveything in like 2 days. Sad that it hasnt been updated in 2 years. Hopeful for more, really enjoyed reading it
8/28 c1 niggers hater
Fuck pussy nigger! That's how you think like a real black-skin? you're going to prostrate and beg to your mighty masters and kiss our foot like stray dog Trying to beg to got a house.
Good, I can feel your lust. I am pantsless. Take your dick. Strike me down with all of your lust and your journey towards the bitch side will be complete!
8/26 c29 1danielkaelliott
it's kinda disappointing that he lost because he prematurely thought doom beaten, basically his pridelack of focus. Why couldn't he have been trying his best and just lost due to being too slow or being outmanoeuvred . then he gets injected with Logan's blood, giving him arguably the most powerful mutant power of invulnerability. he's still got Mary Sue vibes with immediately making him OP to resolve an injury/loss but the fic has lost its cool/chill wish fulfillment vibes.
8/25 c30 theeelderman5
just saying cerebro used by Charles *cough cough*
8/25 c29 theeelderman5
nigg- what hurt by electricity huh the fk whatchu mean mawfawka! he can take deadly fucking blqdts but not a TaserI'm finna cry god damn anyways what ever good work
8/25 c29 theeelderman5
bro needs wolverine blood nowwww D:
8/25 c28 theeelderman5
any spiderman can fight black widow without training tho
8/25 c18 theeelderman5
if you see a full grown adult and they might be 6ft imagine pancakes stacked up close to their waistthat's a lot of FUKIN pancakes
8/25 c17 theeelderman5
great fanfic muahahahaha
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