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2/12 c1 Shadow Demon
Fuck pussy nigger! That's how you think like a real black-skin? you're going to prostrate and beg to your mighty masters and kiss our foot like stray dog Trying to beg to got a house.
Good, I can feel your lust. I am pantsless. Take your black dick. Strike me down with all of your lust and your journey towards the bitch side will be complete!
2/12 c3 wolfemperor32
You fire a gun at the sky in a city! How stupid are you. Never fire a gun in the sky what goes up must come down, with bad luck you can kill someone always make sure to Pay attention where the bullets will go.
2/10 c6 Aki13S
God this is great.
Also…ummm..would you like an editor? There’s some typos and slight tense and grammar stuff. I’m offering if you would like.
2/10 c49 Guest
I hate how you killed Tyrone just to get Petter another love interest.
2/10 c1 Guest
Stupid people with stupid ideals and their hypocricy towards life as if humans being superior ,helping others because they can and taking responsibility out of nowhere because they think they can handle what could go wrong ,they re playing god and thinking they do good because saving human lives is something honorable and worth dying for and stuff, idiotic and is the answer, we live for ourselfs and trying to live for others and gaining satisfaction on this is pure idiocy and arrogance.
2/8 c5 7Delta6697
Ayyy I can feel the ship already (ignore that you’ve already mentioned it through author’s notes)
2/8 c98 hibmen4
PJO! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!
2/8 c98 Anton
Требую PJO верните мы скучаем!
2/8 c98 1Lucifer666Devil
I have reached chapter 80 and I just couldn't continue reading.
The author seems adamant in his pursuit to Nerf his SI, for apparently a desperate attempt to not end the story.
Is his other book about Naruto gaining game powers, which was about 300,000 words, it ended splendidly as the author didn't Nerf his SI. But this story was getting pointless as the SI wasn't getting any stronger even though he had a cool cheat powers.
All in all the author is amazing and have rich imagination and great writing capability, I eagerly await his next story as I simply gave up on this one.
I hope the author won't be discouraged by my words as my intention wasn't to put him down, this is simply my humble opinion about this particular book.
Good luck!
2/6 c1 Guest
2/6 c50 TrumpasaurusRex
You’re holding back Peter Parker. You allowed Gwen to get a degree from MIT and a Master’s at 15, yet won’t let Peter because he’s listening to his family? You could have easily emancipated yourself and finished school. Why are you wasting your time in high school? Such a waste of time.
2/5 c4 bobthebuilding
Spider-man threw a hammer with all his might at a dude's head and it only knocked him out? MCU Spider-man stood in front of a car that was about to crash into a bus, stopping it cold. All of Spider-man's might should utterly disintegrate some random thugs head.
2/5 c83 Mathias gabriel dracula
Could you at least add Carol please. frankly he is one of my top five female characters with jean, wanda, susan storm and natasha
2/4 c50 canijustnotwriteaname
With the amount of lie he spew, I'm surprised they still trust him
1/31 c36 TrumpasaurusRex
“ I landed on a roof and looked around, searching for a way to finish this quickly. I spotted a giant dumpster bin in the alley behind the cartel's standoff. So I silently swung off and ducked inside, sneaking behind the garbage bin.

With a huff and I grabbed the sides of the giant bin and lifted it over my head. It was a strain, I really need to hit the gym. Two months of stagnation really took its toll.”

Spider-Man, who can easily lift 10 tons without any strain is struggling with lifting a garbage dumpster? Ugh.

Also, you allowed a Spider-Man empowered with the cosmic rod to be knocked unconscious with a single punch from a character without super strength.
This is shameful.

I recommend you going back through this whole story and revising all of these examples of struggling and failing at matching his established feats in canon. If Spider-Man can’t even withstand a single punch to the face, he’s not a superhero. If Spider-Woman can be knocked unconscious by an unpowered Felicia Hardy who is like 120 pounds, this is not an example of a properly empowered spider hero.

There isn’t a single comic, tv show, or movie that has a spider hero that is as weak as you have in this story.
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