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6/12 c78 nelspeedhdez717
This was...disappointing.
6/12 c30 Guest
Nova não irmão ninguém gostar de ver um pau no cu protagonista tem que ser foda.
6/11 c70 nelspeedhdez717
god fucking dammit. YOU CANT DO THAT! waaaaaaaaah! JEAN!
Bruh, i dont like you. You broke my heart with this chapter.
6/11 c98 SUNIL DATT
great just great, so hope grew up in another reality and became a badass star wars charecter, plrase continue it
6/11 c55 nelspeedhdez717
Dude, that is a bunch of red flags if i have ever seen one. And just...wtv
6/10 c49 nelspeedhdez717
My head hurts. I dont feel so well. I dont understand why im reading this amazing fanfic even when it makes me mad how stupid peter can be. Your grammar is great and your story telling is as great, but, i don't feel their is much of plot and character development. He meets a potential villain/hero, befriends or helps them in one way or another, then he has trouble with them, fight with or against them, gets injure, blame himself, pull something out of his $$, beat them up, send them to prison, only for it to repeat again. You know. I have read comics in my free time, i don't really enjoy that much, but after reading and watching movies, animes, shows, novels, manhwa, comics, manga, and fanfics for 7 years, i have seen a lot. Authors that make their character suffer so much that it even makes The Joker look nice, make their character ignore all consequences and seem perfect, or authors whose grammar is worse than mtl, there is a lot of sad and pitiful work of art. (I got sidetracked) My point is, it awfully triggers readers when the MC complains like 6 year old girl whose toys were taken away from her, whenever he makes a mistake or fails to save a life. He has hundreds of hours of fictional content, he very well knows what people think about so call heroes who locks up serial killers, only for them to escape and continue an endless cycle of suffering for them, him, and everyone who is innocent. Plus, he is goddam genius, with an IQ higher of 200, whose brain prowess was increase by various superpowers, how can he let himself be insane. Wtv man, im tired, i just did a 13 hour shift as a janitor while still being 17, good luck
6/10 c1 IloveMyramen
Hey just want to let you know someone post this on webnovel and i think they do it without permission
6/9 c40 nelspeedhdez717
So fvck!ng hypocritical. He claims he wants to make change, keep people safe, prevent families from suffering, and yet., all he does is lock up SUPER VILLAINS only for them to escape and kill another hundreds of people. He just caused Norman to actively want to become Green Goblin. My head hurts. I've been reading this for days non stop, and yet, i cant believe he still decides to play hero for the sake of it. Im sorry author. Im so stressed out, and seeing him still play Spider Man really hurts.
6/9 c31 nelspeedhdez717
He is going insane. He blames himself for everything. He takes the brunt of everything. He knows very well something is gonna happened, and yet, refuses to do something resulting in people suffering. Damm! Its kinda forced either way. His life was happy. He finally friends, hf, dad, family, power, and money and he lost most of it. One event to another is making him suffer. If only his aunt and uncle knew what he was doing, his life could go one of two ways, he manages to get his life in order with the help of his family or his May and Ben end up dying one way or another.
6/8 c21 nelspeedhdez717
im really loving it
6/8 c11 nelspeedhdez717
Feels weird knowing they are 15. Should have made them older. I mean, i didnt go to prom when i was 15, being a freshman during the first year of covid was lame. Tho, i was enjoying some of the pleasure little pete was having. Kwahahahaha
6/8 c98 Retroplaidd
More plzz
6/7 c10 srcenatus
6/5 c1 5DemonicxEric
I think you update based on review numbers so I hope people realize this and start reviewing more
6/4 c1 lem.chad
man, lotta people saying how good the spider ff but honestly it is kind overrated, yes the story and the build up is quite good but somethings just icks me with this fic, and the pseudo harem(dunno if it is a harem Ive only read through chapter 23 so) you had, well certainly didn't sign up for it.
but still a good read, i just hope you gave the characters more in depth reaction not the 'YOU HURT MY GIRL I KILL YOU' its sound like huxia novel tbh but, anyways it is you're story so you do what you want.
is peter was an adult before he was in marvel or a teenager?
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