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6/8 c21 nelspeedhdez717
im really loving it
6/8 c11 nelspeedhdez717
Feels weird knowing they are 15. Should have made them older. I mean, i didnt go to prom when i was 15, being a freshman during the first year of covid was lame. Tho, i was enjoying some of the pleasure little pete was having. Kwahahahaha
6/8 c98 Retroplaidd
More plzz
6/7 c10 srcenatus
6/5 c1 5DemonicxEric
I think you update based on review numbers so I hope people realize this and start reviewing more
6/4 c1 lem.chad
man, lotta people saying how good the spider ff but honestly it is kind overrated, yes the story and the build up is quite good but somethings just icks me with this fic, and the pseudo harem(dunno if it is a harem Ive only read through chapter 23 so) you had, well certainly didn't sign up for it.
but still a good read, i just hope you gave the characters more in depth reaction not the 'YOU HURT MY GIRL I KILL YOU' its sound like huxia novel tbh but, anyways it is you're story so you do what you want.
is peter was an adult before he was in marvel or a teenager?
6/2 c1 PJatO96
Hope you’re doing ok! I’m about to reread this for the third or fourth time! Hope you do an update soon or at least let us know if the story was abandoned
6/2 c98 Guest
I really enjoy this story. Are you still going to continue or is it on haitus?
5/31 c1 dsergen18
Someone is putting up this story on webnovel
5/28 c98 supriya700000
5/27 c1 2KingdomDone
Eh, not really liking his humor.
5/22 c55 vaibhavsingh4jan
You just made Reed evil so sue can be with Peter,didn't you? Admit it, you just want Peter to get all the hot girls and the men that were with them will become problematic like abusive or something. I am only reading this for the interactions and definitely not your romance.
5/22 c54 vaibhavsingh4jan
making every man beside Peter a jerk when they are dating his love interests is getting so old now...
5/19 c1 starfire202010
I’m back for good
5/19 c98 starwarsBoy123
Please update soon, one of the best stories iv read.
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