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5/5 c90 Dukesicle
Ironically he does have a very high actitud toward magic
5/1 c4 Laiking08
Bro why tf did u let him hit u smh no wonder this story is dropped
5/1 c4 Laiking08
If Peter really did throw the hammer with all his might then the guy would have no head tf
5/1 c3 Laiking08
I find it difficult that for all your said knowledge of what Peter can do like lifting wise u still dont know that 500lbs is nothing to him shit I can rep deadlift 500lbs smh
5/1 c98 N2
Please continue.
4/30 c98 Shadow Spirit
Fuck pussy nigger! That's how you think like a real black-skin? you're going to prostrate and beg to your mighty masters and kiss our foot like stray dog Trying to beg to got a house.
Good, I can feel your lust. I am pantsless. Take your black dick. Strike me down with all of your lust and your journey towards the bitch side will be complete!
4/28 c1 Lucrum
What the fuck is this cesspool, people like this?
4/27 c80 1PopeYodaI
Ah yes, this chapter. I remember rereading your fic before, but couldn't quite remember why I dropped it.

It was when you turned Peter into a completely neutered, whiny bitch. Space Hitler killing everyone you know and love? Bend over and get fucked! Good God, thank God this atrocity is dead.

Don't come back to fanfiction. No one misses having these dime-a-dozen moralistic bullshit trashfics littering the landscape.
4/26 c98 2KDRDEADMAN
I miss this fic. It’s so great and I hope you’re doing well. We still think about you.
4/25 c11 Darknorthh
I know some people get off on pain but isnt somone hitting your cervix supposed to be pretty painful?
4/21 c2 tenibris.tokyo19
great I hope more
4/18 c22 clinttraper
Spell check is your friend, use it plz
4/17 c1 erozoth
Wow, someone recommended this book but after checking the author history there is no way I am reading it.
One completed book for about 6 incomplete, some of those incomplete are above 500k words. What a waste of effort.
4/17 c2 clinttraper
Man I hope he’s not going to become a photographer and date mj and stuff like that. A pre-Sony Spider-Man in the mcu has so much more potential with a si than just following the basic Spider-Man template
4/17 c98 1bubblekam
Was on the hunt for a good fic to read and somehow stumbled upon this. Shouldn’t have binge read this in 2 days during exam season, but did so anyways. Despite it being over a year, hope there will be a next chapter soon!
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