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for She's not my soulmate

11/3/2020 c4 WiseBoy7
I am blown away by the quality of your writing! Keep it up, dude!
4/1/2020 c2 Guest
This was so sweet!
8/27/2019 c4 bic4couleurs
What is Hiccup's symbol like the sentence, i'm curious
6/27/2018 c4 Kylaralynn
Soulmate au's have slowly but surely grown on me, and this was such a good one. I absolutely love the little twist you put on it!
10/13/2017 c4 4MattAShine
I have to admit, there was a part of me that half expected there to be a line about how Valka mocked up that mark on herself, to galvanize Hiccup to going after what he wanted, regardless of marks.
8/26/2017 c4 Guest
Good story. I am glad they are together.
8/27/2017 c4 32freyjaera
This is really awesome! There wasn't a chapter where I didn't feel a pang in my heart. Wow. I really love it! Different from the soulmate aus that I've read so far. A totally good different. :3
8/26/2017 c4 5Nightfurylover1112
AHHHHHHHHH, I love this story soo much! I adored the ending 3 :D So cute!
8/26/2017 c4 69harrypanther
Perfect ending-and a great story. And you know no matter what, they will make it because they have each other-not because the universe said so but because they chose each other. Well done!
8/19/2017 c3 1Mitis-sweets
goodness here I am finally finding this story again after I've seen it on Tumblr and now there is a cliffhanger?! my heart can't take that much anticipation for a happy end! please let them have a happy end soon!
8/13/2017 c3 Gypsy
I got to the end of this chapter and was like "Wow, this girl sure does a good cliffhanger! That's why I always read completed stories..." famous last words as my finger hovered over the place where the next button would have been, and my heart dropped. I NEED AN UPDATE! THIS IS AMAZING AND I LOVE MY SOULMATE AUs! UPDATE SOON PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE I AM LOVING THIS STORY!
God bless and happy writing! :)
8/10/2017 c3 Guest
This is really good. Thank you.
8/10/2017 c3 Guest
8/10/2017 c3 tom80
Cliffhanger...seriously :-/ ?
8/11/2017 c3 5Nightfurylover1112
OMT NOOOOO! NOT A CLIFFHANGER! But seriously, this chapter was amazing! I love it soo much. Can't wait for more :D
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