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7/29/2017 c1 51Tamuril2
Yes, yes, yes, YES! I so wanted it to be Solo who was rescued. Not that I have anything against Illya, but its nice to see Gaby interacting in a sisterly/motherly way without Illya around. Aaanyway, onto my review.

I must admit to never seeing Mad Max, though I do know a little of the premise. I hadn't thought about adding it to Man for UNCLE. I like it. Especially the way you did so. You hinted quite tastefully to the horror and torture, but without ever going to far.

Poor, poor Solo. This has got to be one of the saddest, if not the MOST sad, story of his. His tongue taken away. His spirit crushed, but not completely broken. And then he's rescued, slowly healed. Me like. Me like a lot.

Soooo...is there any chance of a sequel? I'm imaging Illya being a friend/boyfriend of Gaby's. He comes and sees Solo. Fights, angst, bro healing (no slash), and the three being awesome friends. Oh, and if Illya could get captured by the prisons and Solo has to willingly go in to rescue him (and face his nightmares)...yeah, that would be the best! Pleeease? *puppy eyes*

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