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10/1 c14 NabucodonosorV
As always, excellent chapter.

I think Louise will become a danger to the Empire itself in the future, I don't know if you plan to do that, but it would be an interesting twist of the plot.

What I like to see most is Louise on the Luminous side of the Force...
I guess you've got that planned for the future, huh? Jeje

I have a question.
Is the Void Magic more powerful than the Force?
10/1 c9 NabucodonosorV
It's true that the Dark Side is corrupting Louise, but there's something strange.
Let me see...
Does the magic of the Void reject the Dark Side? Are the Dark Side and the magic of the Void opposite each other?
If it's the first, then the Dark Side will never manage to corrupt Louise, will it?
8/3 c14 2Naruto Loves FemKyuubi
"Frowns"That!:/ Idiotic!:/ Admiral!:/ (H-heh Though Kadogga Sure Is Funny At The End Heh And Thanks For Making More Chapters For Your Perfect And Sweet And Lovely Star Wars Sith Zero Perfect And Sweet And Lovely LouisexLyira Love Couple Love Sequel Story)My Dear Advena Phillips!:3

C-cheers!:3My Dear!;)
8/2 c14 PaladinSans
8/2 c14 11Ger0nim0
That meeting could've ended worse. Just barely made it through alive...

I forgot that this existed. Nice to see it again.
8/2 c14 Itharax
I won’t lie, I was wondering what the heck happened to the Hutts during that encounter... fantastic chapter and great ending to it!

Have a great day!
8/1 c14 Tincanman123
I know Louise isn’t going full the LS inquisitor route, and at best she’ll probably end up gray (though whether it’s a darker or lighter shade of gray remains to be seen), her actions this chapter are almost exactly what I wish I could’ve chosen during my LS inquisitor playthrough. It always felt wrong that the inquisitor never seemed to have a choice to express distaste for/condemn the empire practicing slavery (or even better, having a chance to sabotage slaving operations), mostly because it doesn’t feel realistic for a former slave to be so indifferent towards it, or occasionally support it.

Also I like how you’ve shown throughout the story that even that despite her mental state being somewhat warped by dark-side usage and exposure Sith philosophy, that at her core Louise is still the same Louise from her home series.
8/1 c14 Amortal
Ah, that was awesome. I love it when Louise takes charge and shows off what an pissed off Sith can do when thoroughly motivated. All that said, I really look forward to the next chapter as always since this story is one of my favourites.
7/29 c13 NabucodonosorV
Louise will return to Helkeginia in any future chapter?
7/12 c13 17Boyzilla
Been a while since I read this little series! I should get around to re-reading it again, forgot how much of an enjoyable read it was!
7/7 c13 Amortal
The life of Louise in space, it's pretty mundane no matter where you are in the galaxy. It was nonetheless a good read overall. I do look forward to some action again just to spice things up and get things rolling.
7/7 c13 ertenkor
I agree. This Louise is too good for that Pirate of a punk, instead an OC would do better.
Please let louise use Pyrokenisess to burn her enemys.
7/5 c13 Lasse2731
very good I look forward to the next and hope that it does not end up Like stalker zero
7/4 c13 2Naruto Loves FemKyuubi
"Smiles"N-nice!:3 (I-i Do Enjoy Reading Your Perfect And Sweet And Lovely Star Wars Sith Zero Perfect And Sweet And Lovely LouisexLyira Love Couple Love Sequel Story And These Chapters Are Great And Unique Ones Especially Since There Can Be Different Companions Instead Of Ones Shown In Star Wars Tor Game Ugh Annoying Pirate And Togruta Apprentice Truly Are Annoying Anyway Thanks For More Chapters)My Dear Advena Phillips!:3

A-and I Hope!:3That!:3You!:) Are!:3Okay!:3My Dear!:)
7/3 c13 Blackholelord
Wow it been like forever. So good to see the continuation. I will state that I am curious as how the story will develop.
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