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12/14/2019 c3 guest
"But there was brain function, Doctor; it was simply occurring in an unexpected place."
Unrelated: perusing some reviews, I was surprised that "Let That be Your Last Battlefield" wasn't mentioned among the worst episodes. (Of course, the PC crowd loves it and calls it among the best. What a surprise.) Can't say I liked any of the preachy eps whether I agreed with the sermon or not. There was such an air in them all of, "We know you're too stupid to get the point unless we drive it in with a hammer." Shades of Vlad Tepes.
9/16/2018 c4 1Sarai
6/27/2018 c4 Iniga
Read the beginning of this a year ago, found the end today, read and enjoyed. Well done.
6/10/2018 c4 16Skeptical Mutt
Very entertaining. I liked the chapters written in Scott's voice. And while that is not my favorite episode, it's hardly the worst one.
3/24/2018 c4 75Helena Dax
That was great! I agree with you, this is hardly the worst TOS episode and I loved the way you described its aftermath. No wonder Kirk and McCoy were a bit rattled after something like that!
3/15/2018 c4 sunshine-kin
Yay, you are writing the good old TOS fanfics again! So happy! I love all the Star Trek you write (you manage to make interesting for me even the AOS films that I otherwise can't stand), but TOS is the best and always a treat! :)
3/8/2018 c4 109LauraCynthia
Perfectly scripted. :)
3/8/2018 c4 Guest
Excellent story. Makes a much better ending - and is so true to each person's character. Thanks for sharing.
3/7/2018 c4 17Mellia Bee
Love your Star Trek writing! Always have, always will. In my opinion, you’re probably the top Star Trek writer out there - and I’m not just talking about FanFiction. :) I can hear their voices, see their expressions.

And did Spock really tell both of them to shut up and grow up? :D Ha! Methinks he’s been spending too much time around the good doctor!

Anyway, thanks for the chapter! Loved it.
3/6/2018 c4 158Drag0nst0rm
Great conclusion!
3/6/2018 c4 Silverdragonstar
Defiantly enjoyed this read, even if I still do not like the episode, this is based on, too much. Thank you for the great tie up/epilogue for the end.
2/18/2018 c3 6Lord of the Gauntlets
Definitely enjoyed reading this!
I've always really, REALLY, hated this episode, and I actually didn't think that someone would ever do this type of fic because of that, but nope. Somebody did.
This is definitely one of the more unique plot bunnies I've seen out there, and it's good to see someone acting on the idea of treating what could be considered "the crack-fic of Star Trek episodes" into a readable, well done, work of fiction.
I LOVE your writing style, and I always look forward to everything you publish. I hope you continue this particular story in the future, because I am very excited to see where you're going with this. It's nice to see TOS material, and especially well written stories at that, so keep it up!
I'm going to cut myself off here, before I start talking incessantly about plot and characters and stuff, but rest assured, there are absolutely NO complaints to be made about this story.
Thank you for sharing your writing!
1/23/2018 c3 Maedhrosthetall
Please finish this at some point :3
I agree, this episode was not horrible (Like you said, Way to Eden. I'm not sure if anything after space hippies can get any worse), so seeing this spin on it was really cool!
Love your writing style.
1/15/2018 c3 104R. Clearwater

So, all I can say is... that was a damn good cliffhanger. And I really hope you're able to officially create another update at some point in the future. And if/when said update happens, I do not care how long it's been because I'm definitely still going to read it :D

10/28/2017 c3 80mrspencil
I think this third chapter works very well...interesting discussion and dilemmas.
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