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12/5/2017 c1 CoCo
GUNTHER IS ADORABLE please update!
10/24/2017 c7 CoCo
Update please!
7/31/2017 c1 57KagamiPINKAgreste

I love the summary of the story. It's very eye catching. ;-) Hey Hey you weren't a selfish B-I-T-C-H. I'm sorry I freaked you out not PMing you, but when I would think to do so I didn't because of the time zone difference. So I waited for you to PM because even it was late for me it's somewhat early in the day for you!

The proof reading? (Waves hand dismissively) You know I would gladly help with all that. (Sweet Smile) I never got upset because I figured you would PM when you had time. If it would have been 2 or 3 months without anything THAN I would have been upset but not enough to stop helping, talking or making stories with you. If that makes any sense. I'm still supporting you, thank you for dedicating this sequel to me.

ON TO MY REVIEW: 5 long painful years, now Rocky is truly home. Always thinking of Deuce, Ty & Dina got her through harsh Logan crazy times. (Sweet Smile) Huh? The preforming arts school was actually good for Logan, made him mellow out a lot. That's a pleasant (almost) surprise.

Well Ty after 5 dark years your little sister is coming back. Logan did do a Miraculous turn around. Well now I'm hoping that doesn't change.

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