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for The Fate Of Two Lost Souls

1/24/2020 c8 look2019
Good Chapter!
1/13/2020 c1 Animelover561
Please remember about your other story’s
10/9/2019 c8 djboss9309
Good story! I like it a lot!
8/13/2019 c8 2The A.M. Writer
This is a great story. I've been reading since close to the start and I can say that I thoroughly enjoy it so take your time.
5/11/2019 c3 Georgy32
Awesome story :)
3/18/2019 c7 ARS
I'm enjoying this story so far. Thanks for writing it.
3/17/2019 c4 ARS
Excellent story so far. I have been having fun reading it.
3/12/2019 c7 The A.M. Writer
Glad to see your back, and don't worry your story is great so take as long as you need to write it. Trust me when I say with stories this good it's well worth the wait.
3/12/2019 c7 3Totem-Mimikyu
I loved this chapter. I'm quite excited this story will be continued and updated, and I look forward to more
1/31/2019 c6 Totem-Mimikyu
Eeyyy... pretty good story, so far. I do hope you plan on continuing it?
1/29/2019 c6 GordonFreeman72
Hey man, can you write more? I wanna see how Jess reacts when she gets back and sees Alex and K cuddled up together...
12/11/2018 c6 Guest
Another great chapter I'll check back in a week for more
11/22/2018 c1 2The A.M. Writer
hey man love your writing honestly couldn't tell that English is not your native language and I don't mind the semi long waits
9/11/2018 c6 Gespenter
thanks for the chapter and i hope your just enjoying writing the story. if the plot starts to feel off, step back and think what can i do to fix it. all in all its a decent story
8/9/2018 c5 Guest
'Stay awesome!'

... Don't tell me what to do
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