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9/5 c45 4Leapyearbaby29
I hope the break is over and the sequel is posted soon. Harry has become closer to his aunt? She doesn’t blame him for the state she’s in? Damn. I wish Hogwarts wasn’t closing. Poor Lavender. And no! No Harry and Daphne! Harry and Ginny should be together! I hope Ron and Hermione get together. So what other students besides Lavender died? I do like that Draco and Daphne were with Harry when he woke up. And damn, Snape has been kidnapped? That sucks. Glad to see Lucius switching sides. So he’s in a room that only lets people with Malfoy’s blood in and he can see and hear everything? You know, is Narcissa at Andromeda’s house? I hope Bill can learn how to run and ride a broom again! Glad he’s not dead. Snape better not die! And Hedwig better not die either! I really hope you post the sequel soon! Great story. :)
9/5 c44 Leapyearbaby29
So I guess this fic is going to be unfinished since there’s no sequel. Real big shame. I’m glad Draco’s plane worked. Did Snape realize Draco’s plan? When he said he promised a man? So Dumbledore is dead. That sucks. The Horcruxes aren’t destroyed. And Hufflepuff’s object hasn’t been found. At least Harry will have more ally’s during his Horcrux hunting. I can’t believe Mariecombe was the traitor. Great chapter. PLEASE WRITE THE SEQUEL SOON! :)
9/5 c43 Leapyearbaby29
Damn. I’m really loving this team up. So Draco really is going to kill Dumbledore? Damn. I hope McGonagall and Ron will be okay. So Tackely is just a dumb Auror? But I thought she was good? Or is she a stick to the books person who will never improve. Using house elves is clever. Only two chapters left though? How will you wrap everything up? Is Voldemort going to be killed in this fic? Will Harry kill him in the last chapter? I knew they were going to evacuate Hogwarts! :) Love that Neville got Bellatrix! She needs to be bound with magic. They should snap her wand. Lol. Will Dumbledore know Draco is killing him for a plan? Great chapter. :)
9/5 c42 Leapyearbaby29
Oh shit. We’ll Plan A, B, C, and everything else is out of the window. Plan X it is! So Dumbledore never told Snape about the Horcruxes which means he never told Snape about Harry being one. Now is Harry going to find out he’s a Horcrux and needs to willingly die? Well, didn’t the DADA class do a drill on evacuating the students from Hogwarts? How’s more then time ever to put that drill to good use! I’m glad Harry told Snape about everything and Snape told Harry that Dumbledore is dying. I’m glad Harry is trusting Neville. Hopefully Neville or Harry have a DA coin in their pocket and can contact the other members of the DA. It’s about to get bloody. Great chapter. :)
9/5 c41 Leapyearbaby29
The diadem is another Horcrux Harry! Though now does Draco know about it? So Draco telling Harry about the plan Voldemort gave him is supposed to show that Draco is on Harry’s side? Interesting. I’m glad McLaggen is in prison. And Rita Skeeter actually doing something good for a chance. Nice. So Lavender definitely thinks Ron likes Hermione. I hope when they do break up, it’s amicably. Love that Snape apologized to Harry for being a right pest for five years. Great chapter. :)
9/5 c40 Leapyearbaby29
Oh damn. Harry didn’t even have to go look for it! This woman brought it to him! So where is Hufflepuff’s cup? Drsconand Harry calling a truce is interesting. Draco better not switch sides. Though he did admit that it would certainly be hard to. The court better find McLaggen guilty of all charges! I swear to god if you have him get off, I’m going to scream. Great chapter. :)
9/5 c39 Leapyearbaby29
Harry better get his wand back though! I swear to good! Or Fawkes can give another feather. :) I’m glad Theo doesn’t want to hurt Harry. Why would Voldemort want Harry’s wand replaced if he replaced his won wand already? I’m glad Ginny apologized. And ugh. I hope the truth about what McLaggen did is blared everywhere. He’s a rapist and serves to be locked up! I hope Harry and Ginny can find a way forward. Ginny seems to still like Harry.
9/5 c38 Leapyearbaby29
Well, I’m glad Harry heard Snape out and even told him, Lily would be happy with what he’s done for Harry. Harry yelling at Dumbledore is interesting. Hopefully Dumbledore takes what Harry said to heart. I’m so proud of Hermione for telling McGonagall about McLaggen. Hopefully he goes to prison! And the good thing is, Hermione can testify under Veriatserum even though there’s no physical evidence. Something thst muggles would benefit from. I do hope Ron and Lavender part ways amicably. Ron and Hermione are made for each other. Harry better get his wand back. It seems like some of the power comes from his wand! Great chapter. :)
9/5 c37 Leapyearbaby29
I’m glad Harry’s okay. It sucks that he accidentally killed Nott. I hope Theo doesn’t find out or doesn’t blame him? Wonder where Draco, Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle are. Was Nott gone too? Poor Stan. :( I hope Harry let’s Snape and Dumbledore explain everything to him before he jumps to conclusions. Harry better get his holly and Phoenix feather wand back! Great chapter. :)
9/5 c36 Leapyearbaby29
Fuck. Harry, Snape is on Dumbledore’s side! I hope Harry escapes! I hope Theo switches sides. Why didn’t Harry and Snape just disapparate to the Summit? So what sexual tension were you talking about? You did say no slash. Great chapter. :)
9/5 c35 Leapyearbaby29
Well, that was eventful. Love that Harry knocked Draco out. So Daphne wants to get Draco to help her, but also get Draco to switch sides? I’m surprised Harry didn’t pick the Room of Requirment. Love that they found a secret Chamber within the chamber. Though how did Harry know what it was? Love that Harry told them that he and Ron didn’t understand the sarcasm. I never understood it either. But it truly didn’t seem like any of the other professors were hatching a plan to save Ginny. Like they walked in the opposite direction! But, Harry and Ron figured it out. So Draco seemed weirdly curious about Hermione and whatever McLaggen did to her. The Slytherin’s are very perceptive. They’ve already deducted that McLaggen hurt Hermione. Wow. Love the group if Harry, Neville, Draco and Daphne. I hope Harry and Neville make up. And Harry and Ginny. So happy Gryffindor win the Quidditch match! Surprised Nott was an announcer with Seamus. Great chapter. :)
9/5 c34 Leapyearbaby29
Fuck. How did Voldemort even find it? Is it like a shield a knight would use in battle? So one would use the shield and the sword in tango? Voldemort doesn’t have the sword though. I’m glad Hermione isn’t pregnant. McLaggen better expelled and have to pay Hermione. He also needs it serve a year in Azkaban. I love that we’re seeing a softer side of Snape. And Snape was definitely thinking of his friendship with Lily when Ron said he and Hermione made up. I’m glad they made up! Ron holding Hermione was great! I hope they get together. I want Harry and Ginny to get together too! Great chapter. :)
9/5 c33 Leapyearbaby29
Wow. Snape helping out Hermione! Hermione better not be pregnant and if she is, she can get an abortion. I really hope Hermione tells Ron. McGlaggen better die a painful death. So most of the professors are mad at Neville, I cashing his favorite Professor, Professor Sprout. Interesting. I hope Neville apologizes to Harry. I hate that after all Harry has done for the school and everyone else, they still hate him. Well fuck them. Great chapter. :)
9/5 c32 Leapyearbaby29
So Ginny feels hella guilty. I hope they still get back together! They’re made for each other! Neville is so OOC. Like holy shit. I can’t see him acting this way. Ginny was OOC too. A lot of people are OOC. Good chapter though. :)
9/5 c31 Leapyearbaby29
Weren’t Harry and Ginny technically like broken up? I hope Harry and Ginny get back together. I read the comments, and people liked them! Don’t cave to the naysayers! I’m glad Harry apologized publically. They should have like a practice squad so they can pull from players there when any player on the House Team is out. Hopefully Gryffindor can still win. Great chapter. :)
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