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for These Broken Parts

8/9/2020 c12 Guest
Yay! A mostly Jewish cast of main characters! Do you know how rare that is? Thank you!
5/20/2020 c16 Guest
This is such an amazing fanfiction! I know writing's hard, but will you update it soon?
3/14/2020 c16 Isabel
Hi. Just wanted to say I absolutely love this and the way you've written this story and the characters and their struggles. Other stories I've read make it seem easier than it probably would realistically be, but I really like how this story slowly builds upon what the musical showed. I really hope you can continue writing this. I also hope you're doing well in life. Kudos. :)
7/24/2019 c15 a person
I liked it
2/26/2019 c15 Guest
Thank you very much for this work! It was amazing to read! You made a great job creating this story while keeping all the characters just the way they were in the musical. You choose the best words and best sentences, and every time my heart stopped for a couple of seconds on many stressful or exciting parts of the story! Your work is definitely one of those to which people return years later to relive it again. I would hate to sound intruding or demanding, but is there a chance that you are going to continue this work at any point in the future? (I was really looking forward to the moment where Connor realizes that Evan's stolen letter was a real one and not a joke on him)
12/25/2018 c15 Guest
10/13/2018 c15 ArimiP.M
This is so amazing, I've read a few other fanfictions where Connor lives already but I think this is my favorite so and I love it cause it's really good, and I want more and can't wait for the next update
9/28/2018 c13 jayleaf1
This is so beautiful! I haven’t felt emotions in what seems like forever, but I was on the verge of crying in this chapter. Wonderful job!
When will you update again?
8/24/2018 c15 CaptainSwan287
Omg this is so good, I hope you’ll update soon but it’s really no rush. I can totally understand Connor, I mean who would want a guy he didn’t really know to have suddenly become his “secret best friend” whilst he was unaware I’m a coma. I mean, it was way worse when he was dead...
8/16/2018 c15 44That0neBitchOverThere
So I just got into DEH and just found this and holy crap. This. Is. Beautiful.
I am so freaking ready for the next chapter and to find out where this goes and how it continues. How the characters continue to interact and build and break relationships.
On a bit of a less serious note, the "beep boop music" got me. I laughed way too hard about that, I actually stopped breathing for a bit. So thank you for allowing Connor out of that coma, that boy just needs so much love and support, I'm glad the Murphy's seem so serious about doing precisely that. Even if it takes a while.
6/2/2018 c15 2WhenTheSunRiseSets
Ok wow. Where do I begin? This fanfic is actually AMAZING! I literally binge read it in a couple of hours, it was so good. You did such a great job with the backstories, the character development, that sometimes I forget I was reading a fanfic! You elaborated on Connor’s homelife kn a way that canon didn’t, which I LOVED because you did it so seamlessly while still staying true to the characters and original plot! I thought you COMPLETELY nailed Evan’s character, and the attention to detail that you had with him was incredible. I’m fact, while I was reading the fic, you did such a great job keeping the characters “in character” that I could hear their voices in my head when I read ther lines. I have absolutely no idea why this fic only has 42 reviews, it deserves so, so many more! Thank you for actually gracing my life with this fic, PLEASE CONTINUE!
5/3/2018 c15 BreathingMagic
Daaaa n I need more of this, please! God when you finished that one chapter on a cliffhanger, Connor waking up all alone, I wasn't even sure I wanted to read on because it dropped such a lead weight in my stomach,dear God. Your characterizations are amazing and believable and I am loving every second of this. Can't wait to see where you take this now that the Canon train has derailed completely...

Also you seem like such a sweet and caring person putting those trigger warnings in. Only thing mabe put spoiler warnings in your ANs because I didn't want to know that there will be no romance between Evan and Zoe God damn it because I love them... Anyway I don't mean that in a bad way, just broke my heart a bit is all so then I didn't read the following ANs to avoid urther spoilers. Love your writing so much (and I am such a fan of super long chapters so you're my hero anyway) and can't wait for the next chapter. :)
5/3/2018 c15 4marzipan0
I like how you did the fighting sibling stuff. It is great.
4/29/2018 c15 22gandalf537
Excellent excellent chapter!
4/14/2018 c4 Guest
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