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for The New Titans: Fall of Olympus

7/13 c6 DeltaWolf2038
how am i only just learning charles was black. i've read the entire series like... so many times... how did i not pick that up
6/13 c8 Pokemon22
Pokemon betrayal story
5/17 c18 j916567
This is so good please keep posting and do not listen too the people who say its bad cause this stuff is crazy good please keep posting
3/29 c11 joearnold926473
Oh god now they are gonna be a wizarding guild what with how much you've stolen from fairy tail, I recommend you all save your time a move on to another story, this one is a bastardized version of about 10 different series, its not even funny
3/29 c10 joearnold926473
This is a complete let down, you have basically made percy and his friends members of the spectres from mass effect with their armor, given them each more weapons than an olympian armory, all sharing the same powers, so that they are all literal carbon copies of each other, a gods elemental ability is defined by the domain in which they represent, not what ever floats their boat on any given day, you constantly state that his friends are as strong if not stronger than percy is which kinda makes percy being the king and having trained for 300 years longer than then the rest completely redundant and unbelievable especially when percy was always mountains ahead of the rest in terms of sheer power and natural ability, and yet your telling me they can train for half the time as percy and come out stronger than him? Pull the other one, as I said one great big disappointment
3/29 c7 joearnold926473
I thought they were demi-gods... not bloody power rangers dammit!
2/17 c18 Archer957
I hope you come back to finish this story. it's very well written and a very fun read
1/11 c18 crowchronos
broski when u updating this is fire
12/16/2022 c9 1DeiOlympi
Just thought I’d let you know… Atlas is actually the son of Iapetus (aka Bob). So Kronos was actually Atlas’s Uncle.
12/9/2022 c18 12mastercheif1229
Pretty good story so far! Hope that you continue it at some point!
11/9/2022 c18 Archer957
I enjoyed this story and what it's going for that being said you really need a beta reader and to use a thesaurus. your explanations are often redundant and are very awkward to read because the grammer is so bad.

I think you have a great concept you're working towards but you definitely need some help cleaning this story up
10/22/2022 c1 mhihabak
Idk about the later chapters but you completely destroyed the English language in this first one and the writing was just childish overall sorry bro i just can't bring myself to read more
9/10/2022 c7 FeathersLight210
Oh, adding on to my previous comment, you could also space some speech of certain characters to create a dramatic effect, and using descriptive words in between to enhance the effects. For example (taking a part of Zeus’ tirade): “Enough!” he thundered, “The decision is final! The boy has been… My judgement is final!”, he looked around the council, daring anyone to object and ended the meeting by flashing out dramatically.
9/10/2022 c6 FeathersLight210
Although this chapter has been out for a while, I find one glaring issue in the writing style… just too much use of caps, which detracts from the dialogue and should be avoided altogether; instead try to use adjectives or adverbs — with the help of a thesaurus or dictionary, or Google whichever — to describes the way the person is expressing themselves (i.e. “xxxx” hollered Percy…). Thanks for chapter nonetheless:)
8/25/2022 c18 Mr.Fluppy
Ohh come on! Its finally time for percy's long overdue sweet revenge then you decide to drop a powerful entity that will give the olympians a power up, who is obviously lucifer. Cant you just like let the olympians and their army vanished by percy and let percy usher the earth into a new era of peace, balance, equality etc. Etc. And lets just left the traitor demons, angels, and dragons cant break out of their prison or influence others?
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