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1/16/2020 c1 1Ribke
Literally the first time ever I find an awesome one-shot which leaves me like: "Dude, I wish this was a full fledged story!", and that actually DOES become just that!

I friggin love you! TTuTT
12/29/2018 c5 Guest
Pretty good.
9/23/2018 c17 9TheDarkLordofDoom
Well, that was indeed quite...something. Sadly, there is a defined lack of Saruman-gets-the-ring stories on FFnet, and as this is one of them, I felt compelled to read it. I must say, I quite like the writing style and the plot, and especially your portrayal of the Valar, which is possibly the best rendition of them that I have seen on FFnet. Your Mandos, particularly, is perfect. However, unlike most, I am sorry that I must admit I do not quite like your Mairon.
While it's refreshing to see him as a multifaceted character, one that I have always imagined him to be, I do not like how you made most of his cruelty just 'vanish', becoming, eventually, a genuinely-good character.
Besides, it seems extremely odd how he'd come in meek submission in front of the Valar and trust them so. After years of being a dark lord, one still expects him to act in a dark manner.
I do enjoy your idea of having Mairon and Olórin as brothers, but once again, as a book fanatic I must admit it seems slightly flawed that Mairon/Sauron would think of Olórin first, and not of himself.
That said, while I do like your innocent Mairon, who just wishes to be loved, it just does not feel complete enough for me without seeing moments of cruelty, darkness and evil as well. There is conflict, yes, but it all is too abrupt. Apart from that, Good Story.
3/25/2018 c17 Guest
I read all of this story in one go and it was fantastic, Sauron's redemption I believe, really ties into Tolkiens original ideology, or at least the Christian one, that everybody can be redeemed. His personality completely changes from what everybody headcanons but I think I like this better it makes Mairon much more human for lack of a better word. I'm just really glad you wrote this it is exactly the kind of AU's that let you immerse in the world and the characters you love while still reading a new and fantastic story.
12/8/2017 c6 Guest
I love your multifaceted Sauron! One thing though- if his soul, fear whatever, is so damaged, how can he be thinking of pranks and laughing? People in abusive situations or with mental illnesses struggle to cope sometimes, especially so soon. And his damage is even deeper!
11/1/2017 c17 1Celebbun
I love you and your fics so much, I was so happy when I saw you had posted this. Thank you for this and your many other fics, and please post more! Mairon is my absolute favorite and your portrayal of him is so unique I can't help but have it as a favorite (although I have some critiques when it comes to the part where he got burned; for me that didn't make a lot of sense, since he's a spirit of fire in canon).
10/8/2017 c2 AnotherGuest
I think putting the Bond between Brothers into a proper story is a great idea. I can't read them to often anyway. ...and I always laugh at the "you sound positively Noldorin".
8/15/2017 c17 3VanyaNoldo22
I tried to read it slowly... really I tried. I spent five days reading your last three chapters and now, I've arrived at the end. (cries silently) I really can't believe it's over! This is such a wonderful story! In such a short time I fell in love with your characters, specially Mairon and Olorin. I am glad that I found this book, and I'm very honored to have read it. I hope you right more stories, mellon nin! Have a good day/night!
8/13/2017 c17 41CrackinAndProudOfIt
I always love your Namo. He has this wonderful balance of tenderness and discernment that most of the fandom seems to neglect in favor of the Doomsman image. His genuine compassion for Sauron, along with his confidence in a brighter future for him, are lovely :)

8/13/2017 c16 CrackinAndProudOfIt
This scene does an amazing job of showing the similarities and differences between the two sets of brothers - I like how it's just as much about Manwe and Melkor as Mairon and Olorin. Sauron's realization of just how cruel Morgoth's bindings are is really moving, as he realizes how different his experience with a Vala could have been.

8/13/2017 c15 CrackinAndProudOfIt
Oh, what a great Galadriel. She feels so very Noldorin in this at first - unforgiving and unyielding - but you do a great job of showing her canonical character growth away from that toward someone more merciful, less proud. This is a different sort of temptation from what she faces with the One in canon, but it nonetheless highlights how she is now able to 'pass the test.'

8/13/2017 c14 CrackinAndProudOfIt
Wow! Skye, you should write in first person more often :) You convey the sorrow and hope at war inside Olorin so well here, and I love how he compares his perspective with Sauron's utterly despairing one.

8/13/2017 c13 CrackinAndProudOfIt
I love Gandalf and Elrond's interaction here - more of that dynamic where each of them refuses rest, wholly focused on doing everything he can for Sauron (and a little convinced that only he knows how to care for him best :). Olorin's reaction to Sauron's scars is perfect - there's the levity of his exchange with Sauron about his colorful language choices, immediately accompanied by his horror at the realization of how Sauron must have gotten those scars.

I also really liked the line about Elrond's fear of getting lost inside Sauron's fea, even as he almost did trying to heal Aragorn. That's just such a fascinating concept to me - again I love your thoughts on Tolkien metaphysics :)

8/13/2017 c12 CrackinAndProudOfIt
Even though these scenes did open up a few threads that weren't followed, they're too well done not to publish at all! Eowyn and Faramir's parallel losses and newly acquired leadership roles juxtapose them brilliantly. Saruman's murder of Frodo and theft of the Ring is so awful to read, but his reflections on his 'victory' as well as the reaction of the bearers of the Three to his claim are great to see described.

8/13/2017 c11 CrackinAndProudOfIt
This conclusion is every bit as powerful as the climax of 'The Fires of Mount Doom.' There's so much strength in its 'softness,' and in the inversion of everything Sauron has thought true about himself. From his accepting Olorin's help and that of the Valar merely to stand and undress-not to mention Este's healing, to summoning the courage to confront Curumo, and finally realizing that he is not beyond salvation after all, it's a truly moving end to his arc in this story.

I also like hearing Curumo's rationale from his own mouth here. That arrogance and defiance put him in perfect character, and I love the parallel of Sauron's request for a last bit of mercy for him with Frodo's mercy toward him in canon.

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