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8/6 c4 Forgotten Pseudonym
chef's kiss to this amazing piece. each chap is long and worth the wait. beautifully written and definitely worth rereding. thank u so much for updating! i hope u are doing good and stay safei'll wait patiently for the next chap. have a nice day ahead, author
7/28 c4 Guest
Hope for your next update ..not for too long
7/23 c4 Guest
I was worried when I noticed the publishing date was in 2017 until I realized that there was a delay. The word count on this is amazing. Thanks for writing.
7/22 c4 Guest
This is a wonderful story, thank you for taking the time to write it.
7/19 c4 shadowswithouthope
This. Is. Awesome.
7/14 c4 Caesar704
It was one if my Favorite Fic, and I was so sad that you didn't update, but now I'm so happy. The story is so interesting and really Good!. Even tough I love peace but this story promise chaos. And the way you cut the end like that is just ... ugh nice timming but I also hate it cause my curiosity is skyrocketed. I can't wait for the next chapter. I hope you will finish this wonderful story!
7/12 c4 Pi pi m
Please please update ASAP
7/11 c4 Kurohimenyan
still waiting for the next chap. I will wait no matter how long so pls don't abandon this >/<
7/8 c4 527aquarrow72
7/6 c4 chocopink711
thank you so much for the chapter ️

very happy when this story continues
will always wait for the continuation of Allen's story
7/4 c4 Lia
YOU'RE ALIVE, I'm so glad you still continue this story. I really love it. Hope you will update soon and not years later haha.. Love you
7/1 c4 Guest
I'm loving it so farr!
7/1 c4 PrincessAniMan
Thanks so much for the update! I adore this story and I have been patiently awaiting it's revival! Keep up the good work
7/1 c4 ROUTE-L
Update please!
6/29 c4 22Xejis
Ahhhhh yesss! I'm so happy you updated! It's funny too, cause I was just thinking of this story the other day. Happy coincidences I suppose. Anyway, I love this chapter. The Noah finally know Allen's alive but not the fact that he's the exorcist Walker. Lol. Misunderstandings galore. And Allen you finally remember, yesss! I can't wait for his confrontation with Tyki!
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