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for His Twenty-Eighth Life

8/27 c1 Miguel Castro2
I hate the excuses on occlumancy
8/6 c78 Fenix Fuego
This is by far one of the best I've ever read! I'm hoping to see more of it soonthe complexities of the relationships between Harry and his family and Voldemort and everything is so awesome. The details of everything is so well done.
8/5 c78 farwalker
I’d really like to read more of this… I love the complexity of the interactions, and the layers.
7/20 c78 1moodysavage
Really really interesting story! I love it! The missing books are interesting and might stir things up with the purebloods but I think a revenge spell on Hannah's parents isn't going to be something Jonathan should be doing. Harry doesn't really go for revenge as the first thing to do. Hope this continues!
7/13 c10 moodysavage
Oh my gosh! His 19th life! I so didn't guess that!
7/13 c6 moodysavage
Ah his 19th life... he was Voldemort wasn't he?
7/6 c78 12excessivelyperky
Hope to see a new chapter!

Although I suspect that the writers of the books Lucius destroyed were not the only people who suspected too much inbreeding produced Squibs. Anyone who looked at an honest family tree would likely suspect that was the case.
7/2 c77 excessivelyperky
I'm glad you resolved Severus; you kick a dog so many times that he finally bites, but somehow it's the dog's fault, right? Harry is wiser than that.

And I'm glad that Voldemort realized that Harry would never have cared for him if Harry had been the kind of person to keep on torturing Snape for kicks and giggles.
5/24 c76 excessivelyperky
That wasn't the worst plan Remus ever came up with...though he'll have to stop being a coward to stop despising himself, I fear.

That's interesting about Jonathan, Hannah and runes-he would have to have patience with people who don't want to learn to be a good teacher, though.

And I see Snape is about to be yanked from the Island of Misfit Toys to be tortured some more. Alas.
5/19 c75 excessivelyperky
Oh, my. If Harry doesn't want to leave this particular world, his form of immortality isn't actually helpful.

Then again, I believe that he and Tom have already researched other kinds.

As for Minerva, didn't she learn anything about fairness, detention and bullying while she was Deputy Headmistress? Or was she only Albus' handpuppet for all such matters?
5/13 c78 maryanne9
I have read this story and enjoyed it very much. I didn’t realize that it was unfinished, although I almost always check before beginning a story. I hope you will find a way to continue as I think there could be a lot more material to be thought about, especially in the area of immortality and the consequences of an unending life.

Thank you for your stories.
5/7 c78 Angelic Abomination
Just reread this whole story because I love it. Had some laugh out loud moments on the bus. I do love how you have Jonathan being matchmaker and teasing older brother all at once. Absolutely brilliant. Definitely one of my favorites out of your stories.
4/29 c35 gemini shawty
4/29 c28 gemini shawty
yayyy good sirius
4/29 c27 gemini shawty
i love jonathan
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