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for His Twenty-Eighth Life

4/29 c27 gemini shawty
i love jonathan
4/25 c78 Shiaira73
OMG! This story! It's great! Alas, I thought it was listed as complete when I started reading it. I am currently kicking myself because now I will have this as brain worm wriggling around until it's done. Thank you, for taking the time to write and share your amazing stories. Now... i'm off to find a completed work in an effort to spare my brain. :D
4/6 c1 Harry is gay
Just another Harry is gay for no reason than the author is gay.
You gays are like pedophiles, sick, twisted, disgusting.
3/28 c74 12excessivelyperky
Excellent chapter. The Potters love both their sons, but actually have no clue about what is really going on, while both Jonathan and Voldemort do. I might add that both Potters suffer from the delusion as being Gryffindors make them both right about everything (Dumbledore did not do the WW a favor by teaching generations of Gryffindors that kind of thing).

Speaking of characters that Voldemort and Harry have disposed of, what did happen to Snape? Did he go into the Island of Lost Toys? Then again, considering what happened to Albus, perhaps he's better off there.
3/20 c78 ChuuyaLynx2022
Don’t mind me…I’m just gonna go cry in the corner now….
3/9 c73 excessivelyperky
Ah, Jonathan! The only one to remember what the true priority is-biscuits!

And to mention obvious truths to watch Mum and Dad (and Harry) fluster up, while Voldemort clearly thinks the whole marriage thing is a brilliant idea.
2/26 c72 excessivelyperky
As we see, Remus is still Dumbledore's tame wolf and won't believe anything evil of him. After all, Albus force a victim of attempted murder to STFU in his name. That kind of debt is difficult to pay or ever become free of (as Albus obviously knew).

And the scene with Harry and Voldemort was amazing.

"You already are."

This says it all.
1/26 c71 excessivelyperky
I really like how this is world is so different, even Harry gets surprised sometimes.

Then again, with Harry's sort of invulnerability, most surprises are going to be ok anyhow.
1/22 c70 excessivelyperky
I think Slytherin expected quite a bit more out of Tom Riddle than he saw; and that he's attacking out of the knowledge that he *could* have guided Riddle rather better.

(Albus does the same thing, as we know).

Slytherin doesn't understand why Harry is tolerating Voldemort at all (and yes, he's jealous of the relationship even though he says he isn't).
1/18 c78 FireDragon484
Hannah: man, I really wanted those blocks
Jonathan: do you want revenge instead
12/25/2021 c69 excessivelyperky
Ah, Harry is finally realizing that a) Tom loves him, and isn't just obsessed with him, and b) his brother Jonathan is a lot smarter than Harry thinks he is.

Also, that storing centuries worth of memories is harder than it looks. Harry doesn't say precisely how he copes with all of his memories, though.
12/20/2021 c68 excessivelyperky
Oh, my, Harry has never found someone who loved all the parts of him before. He thought Voldemort loved only the Special Effects Magic part, while others loved only the human part.

He wouldn't have to lie to Tom about either one.

Decisions, decisions, and he's already tempted.
12/13/2021 c78 Chloe457
So compelling
12/11/2021 c67 excessivelyperky
Augusta Longbottom is a *very* practical woman, and perhaps in this timeline she didn't lose to her son to Bella's Crucios; she can speak with Voldemort without the impulse to AK him for the Greater Good.

Harry and Salazar do have immortality of some sort as a talking point, and since Tom has accepted mortality for Harry's sake, he'll no doubt be delighted with the gift of immortality, though in a different form.
12/1/2021 c66 excessivelyperky
Yeah, I think Harry would much rather deal with Salazar Slytherin than Draco Malfoy, and I can't really blame him for that.
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