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for Lord Black's resurgence, redemption and revenge

4/20 c62 GenieM
I like the story alot. I hope you return to it!
4/19 c1 27Celesta SunStar
Hi, reading this and it looks really interesting. But in the last couple paragraphs you have;

“… When he was younger, he imagined joining the military since he knew Aunt Petunia would send him to Stonewall High School while Dudley went to Smeltings.

"Although," Harry continued. "If I didn't have magic I would've been in an orphanage―just like Tom Riddle was―and Sirius really wouldn't've been an option…."

This is set before second year? Since Harry says that “I only have six years left…” He wouldn’t know Sirius yet?

Happy writing!
3/5 c29 master of death12345
this story is awesome
2/27 c62 21Aslan's Princess
Oo, and not how I was expecting it to end. But, I suppose better than any true -mortal- peril. I guess life and the muse have been being difficult for the past few months. I sincerely hope that everything is alright on your end and am looking forward to future updates.

I am enjoying everything about this. From Sirius and Seraphine's sweet, blossoming relationship, to Harry adjusting to a loving home, and just how everyone is uniting to help rescue/avenge childhoods lost. You have made both Dumbledore and "Madame" Jocelyne to be horribly deplorable, and I am so looking forward to their downfall. (I put the Madame in quotes because such a title should never be given to so vile a woman. My humble opinion. But then the same could be said about Lord and how many dark -lords- do we find in fantasy?) And with those two dark magic users, I am so thankful that Volds was quickly taken care of so that our heroes don't have to worry about danger from three sides. I'm suspecting that they don't know Albus and J are working together, or at least semi-tandem.

Anyway. Just finished binging everything here as well as the little prequel stories. I am enjoying your little (large) AU, and shall patiently await further updates. Looking forward to that promised happy ending. Even if it will be somewhere in the far off future for us and our beloved characters.
2/23 c62 Pearl2350
it’s been five month and three days could you please update ASAP I am addicted to this story and your amazing writing so please don’t tell me you’re planning to abandoned it it is absolutely amazing sincerely yours J ( in case you want to respond)
2/17 c5 Guest
old gay nasty bastard
2/17 c3 Guest
hes evil old man trying to play god dispicable
11/24/2023 c62 Home World Security
A great story. I hope to read more soon.
11/17/2023 c62 9WyrdSmith
Really good. I enjoyed every bit and hope for more. And since I usually get too stressed to read tales that have the “unknown enemy with horrific plans plotting evilly”… I just had to keep reading your fic. It’s just that good!
9/26/2023 c61 trekmel
I had read this some time back and saw a new posting so just binge read it again. I appreciate your very unique AU story here. Its so different and filled with fresh ideas. Chapter 62 won't show up for me but I hope to be able to read more soon.
9/22/2023 c4 Guest
Well I think it's Canon that food can be multiplied but not created
9/24/2023 c62 Gryffindorforever4242
Great book so far.
9/21/2023 c62 EP
9/20/2023 c1 Naruto Fan
Sadly your story is all over the place both with the plot and personalities of the characters in it. It could be an interesting read if it wasn't soo convoluted with what you seem to be trying and sadly failing at.
Honestly better to just delete the story and start over and have a beta read help you out.
9/21/2023 c62 11tscchope
Now would be a good time to go with the Harry Potter standard go to spell, Expelliarmus, on both Sprout and Weasley. It's a House matter, not a school house matter that Sprout's intruding into. Harry is Lord of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Gaunt, by right of conquest. Ron's more right than he knows.

Now for my pet peeves:
Wand have cores, wizards don't.
Harry Potter is not a Horcrux
Harry Potter is Lord Potter from the moment James Potter dies.
Ginny was far to gone to come back - that damned crapiloque.
Ginny had 7 brothers: who was the lucky one who got away.
The Weasleys are Blood Traitors without Joke Rowling really saying what that means. I think she really hated the Weasleys. Ginny (should be) dying in Harry's year 2, Ron in year 3, (I think)the Weasley twins in year 4 having pranked the wrong people, Arthur in year 5 from a really nasty cursed muggle artefact or Nagini, year 6 Percival from a faulty cauldron exploding that took him with it, year 7 look at the jobs Bill and Charlie had really dangerous jobs; cursebreaker and dragon keeper, respectively. Then you have Molly the squib Weasley one shots Bellatrix. I think I remember a fan fic that did go down that path and Molly became a Dark Lady. Death Eaters did attack Bill and Fleur's wedding. Killing off Fred seemed a very poor death return for this family.
Peeve over.

Whilst it may seem that I'm being critical, I like the way you are weaving your story. You've a rich tapestry of well rounded OCs. You've finished off Voldemort. Now, you're on the deliciously malevolent Madam Jocelyn. She's the appetiser to the main course of Dumbledore. I'll follow along.

PS I really like the Seraphine character. I'd like to see Sirius have a child with her, maybe more than one. Harry's not going to care he'll no longer be Heir Black. A twist could be that the House won't accept Sirius' son as the new heir. Not that you're under any obligation to do anything, just to please a follower.
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