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for Lord Black's resurgence, redemption and revenge

9/3/2020 c55 sonofthehills
Thank you for the gift of this chapter.
9/3/2020 c55 23Rori Potter
Intriguing chapter. Update soon.
8/18/2020 c54 Guest
this is a really interesting story with so many new twists that i am very much enjoying. i loved that the house was sentient and manifested as seraphine interacting with and protecting them. i'm really looking forward to your next update and learning more about this super evil jocelyn, so please update soon!
7/27/2020 c54 Caza
Very well written :)
7/27/2020 c54 WhiteEagle1985
A great chapter here.
7/27/2020 c54 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
7/27/2020 c54 Kerrion
So instead of talking to Hermione he ignored her ? Hermione is supposed to be his best friend I’m not saying her making fun of Luna was nice but she didn’t do any thing that bad for Harry to act the way he did to me the way he treated Hermione is worse that Hermione snorting at Luna dreamy conversation. Harry need to get over himself . I’m sorry but if I was to talk to Luna for an hour I would pull off my ears she’s just annoying to me . And if an elf had to explain to Harry that Hermione was jealous then she needs new friends Luna can act looney and spacey and talk about animals no one else can see but it would be nothing because she’s pure blood Hermione have no one on her side and I hope Harry is forever perfect since he’s forgotten his best friend just like that for a new girl .
7/24/2020 c53 Redwing1co
Just finished all chapters and enjoyed it has great character development and interactions with freash characters hope to read more of this story thank you so much
7/22/2020 c53 Proud pagan
Enjoyed what you've written so far, your notes at the beginning of each chapter can be a bit of a plot spoiler so I don't bother reading them now. You have reiterated your timeline a number of times and I think you just need to say to those who keep on about it - don't like, then don't read! You come across as a bit nervous about your writing with all your warnings and references, to be honest I've read much more graphic fiction that don't have more than one warning at the beginning. They really detract from your storytelling.
7/16/2020 c2 GatorLHA2
Excellent, please continue
7/16/2020 c53 WhiteEagle1985
A great chapter here.
7/16/2020 c53 sonofthehills
Thank you for the gift of this chapter.
7/15/2020 c53 mwinter1
Awaiting more.
7/15/2020 c53 8Sohrem
And the plot continues to thicken...
7/13/2020 c52 stacyleedam25
Please update this story is so good and can't wait to see what happens next
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