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for Lord Black's resurgence, redemption and revenge

3/6 c12 trevan.richards
There is no Snape fortune
3/6 c10 trevan.richards
This is really hard to follow
2/16 c59 taraygosse
Hi, I'll admit the changed timetable screwed me a bit at first, but it's well written and I look forward to more
2/14 c20 22Winged Seer Wolf
Harry should be 13 not 12 since he mentioned that he killed the basilisk last year. Since it's 93, Harry should be 14. Which means the Tournament.

To be honest, I think you've messed up the timeline with your use of Harry's age being 12 and Sirius being out for a year.
2/13 c59 2Adel22
Bonjour, j'ai commencé ton histoire il y a trois quatre jours et waouh. J'adore ! Le contenu est prenant tout comme la trame de l'histoire. C'est très bien écrit, je n'ai qu'une seule hâte découvrir la suite. Je me demande comment se déroulera la rencontre entre les Black et les Granger. Merci pour ton temps et ta passion.
J'espère que la suite apparaîtra bientôt.
2/10 c16 Guest
It's godson
2/10 c9 Saisha
Which witch ?
2/3 c59 Guest
More please! Can't wait to see H/Hr together. Thank you
2/4 c59 Michele Angela Smith
I just read the whole story so far. I love what you have done and can’t wait to read more!
2/1 c15 CAG7
Fox glove is also used as a heart drug.
1/31 c59 tommyboynv
Pleased to see a new chapter and always happy to see more of the devoting relationship between Sirius and Seraphine.
1/31 c6 23Yankeegomera
Sentient house, this is new.
1/31 c5 Yankeegomera
This is goood!
Goblins, Sirius involved and a good dash of Dumble bashing.
1/31 c59 WhiteEagle1985
A wonderful chapter here.
1/30 c59 heart.dramione
love it!
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