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4/25/2021 c37 3Charlee56
BTW, in re: 'Guest' who made the point that in Britain Dentists are not given the honorific of "Doctor", it should be noted that in canon it is specified that Hermione's 'rents' do perform what she terms 'surgeries' of the maxillofacial areas. This would indicate to me that the Grangers senior are Doctors of Maxillofacial Surgery. That these kinds of doctors are often termed "dentists" by the unknowing is an almost-given.
But they are indeed considered Surgeons and do conduct actual surgeries in-hospital on occasion for more complicated cases. And the term "Doctor" is therefore the proper mode of address.
4/25/2021 c36 Charlee56
One error; in her counter-attack against the... MUGGLEBORNS?... or were they Muggles perhaps?... the Lady Ursula and servants used a bevy of spells. One of these was "Sectum Sempra".
What's questionable to me is that this was a spell personally crafted by Severus Snape while he was a student attending Hogwarts. A case of time dilation maybe?
4/25/2021 c31 Charlee56
I dunno about Junior being tall and lanky. Now, David Tennant is tall and lanky. And HOT!
That being said, I think there's an argument could be made that Junior could physically be whatever one wanted to make him.
But reimagining him as David Tennant (hunky boy!) works for me too!
4/22/2021 c5 Charlee56
It's Albus Percival Wulfric BRIAN Dumbledore. You've got it inverted.
4/8/2021 c57 Guest
Nice chapter.

BTW, British dentists are not "Doctor", they're Mr/Mrs/Ms.

The reasons are historical.
4/8/2021 c57 mithrilandtj
Good chapter.
BTW Xenophilius is the correct spelling.
4/8/2021 c57 sonofthehills
Thank you for the gift of this chapter!
4/8/2021 c57 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
4/8/2021 c57 heart.dramione
great updated chapie!
4/8/2021 c57 22DarylDixon'sLover
Hermione, you’re not in the right.
4/8/2021 c57 WhiteEagle1985
A great chapter here.
4/7/2021 c1 Mupmup123
great Please update
3/25/2021 c32 KingoftheDwarvenFolk
your work is unrivaled.
2/26/2021 c56 tasha
more please
2/26/2021 c56 usatraveler
I was looking for fics where the goblins help Harry and I found this one.

It is different (in a good way) than any story I have read before.

Thank you for taking time to write.

Hoping you are safe and healthy in these chaotic times!
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