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for Missing Minion

4/10/2021 c9 Guest
Yes I’m still reading
3/28/2020 c9 19The Pygairian
Hey! I'm still reading! I'd forgotten about this story, but this recent post reminded me of it. I think I might have to go back and re-read it.
3/28/2020 c9 Guest
Please don’t let minion die! Please somehow let there be a way megamind could save him!
5/14/2019 c8 Bramley
Please write more; I am enjoying this.
7/21/2018 c7 The Pygairian
Noo! Poor Minion! I love this story so far! Please continue!
7/19/2018 c6 The Pygairian
This story is amazing! I like your use of suspence, and clif hangers at the ends of chapters. It keeps me on the edge of my seat. Please continue!
3/3/2018 c6 Bramley
Please don't stop writing I would like to see where this story is going.
1/28/2018 c5 Bramley
Please write more; I would like to know what happens next.
10/28/2017 c5 Bramley
Please write more; I am finding this intriguing
10/16/2017 c5 18ahuvati
I hate Riley!
8/29/2017 c4 Guest
You ended the chapter with an explosion! Oh the suspense
8/15/2017 c3 5Oliver2016
That was great! I i love the suspense and now i'm getting worried! Megamind's voice when Minion woke up...!
8/12/2017 c2 Oliver2016
GAH! Cliffhanger!
Keep writing, this is getting interesting

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