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for The Avengers: Birth of Storm

1/21 c1 majikss
grammar and spelling mistakes in your summary aswell as in the story. its almost unreadable if you have the reading skill above that of a 7th grader
1/21 c1 majikss
lmao you spelled SHIELD wrong already id look for a beta if I were you
1/7/2018 c1 Holder of the Sea
12/17/2017 c2 Randomddemimagzard
Please continue!
11/15/2017 c2 4GoodKnight Studios
This is an amazing story and the author is a pretty good guy as well.
8/11/2017 c2 3Charlee56
Great! But TOO SHORT!
And some pretty glaring errors in grammar and spelling. Still need an editor, but a GREAT plot!. It's faves and saved and I'll be reading!
8/7/2017 c1 Charlee56
Great first chapter! A little fast maybe, but some pretty fair plot development. I did especially enjoy the ending. I also enjoyed the concept of Percy having an ordinary picnic lunch in Central Park. That was truly a great touch. It lent an aura of normalcy to a very dysfunctional life.
One thing, however; you really need an editor, maybe a beta. Your spelling and grammar leave room for a bit of improvement. But on the whole, I really like your new story. I'm faving and saving!
8/4/2017 c1 Perseus Rose
you were doing so well up until "stycks" its styx, otherwise very good

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