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for Who wants to see a Dead Body?

2/8/2021 c1 3moimyoryou
Im not going to ask how they took off Ratchet's Magnets...
Those things are supposed to be attached to his arms ! MAybe he need to verify XD
9/8/2020 c1 MothraRanger
This one-shot has been on FanFiction for three years, one month, and five days and no one has reviewed it? Okay...

This Fic is short but funny. Sentinel being pranked with a most likely fake human skeleton is hillarious! I highly doubt he has actually seen dead body, Cybertronian or organic-wise.

This Fic displays the Trope of "The Hunters Become The Hunted", or in this case "The Pranksters Becomes The Pranked," and is still very funny.

I got serious "Five Nights at Freddy's" vibes with the animatronic in the aforementioned movie Bumblebee and friends were watching. I had to snort at that. Speaking of which, was the animatronic the easter egg you spoke of?

That's all I have to say, really.

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