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10/4/2019 c5 ms.meow1968
Interesting story like how you're handling this story so far so good treating Sauskae and Sakura as more human and understanding how closeted the majik world is.
10/2/2019 c3 ladyres
Mikoto was friends with naruto mom and so was many. Other characters were friends with his father as well so you making Mikoto weary of naruto chapters again was wrong
9/29/2019 c5 1buterflypuss
good chap
9/29/2019 c5 Ana Luisa
Bello hermoso muy bien me fascinó
9/29/2019 c4 Ana Luisa
Bello hermoso muy bien
9/29/2019 c3 Ana Luisa
Hermoso bello muy bien
9/29/2019 c2 Ana Luisa
Hermoso bello precioso excelente
9/29/2019 c1 Ana Luisa
Excelente comienzo de la historia
9/29/2019 c1 1Mason C. Oury
Will Naruto and Hinata end up together in this timeline/story?
8/19/2019 c1 8Ndasuunye
Are you friggin kidding me dude? This is direct unabashed plagiarism. You stole this from "Chosen- kurenai" get bent you thief
5/5/2019 c4 7Xyori Nadeshiko
Jajajajaja las mascotas de harry son tan especiales como el jajajajaja
2/26/2019 c4 3SakuraKoi
so good
1/1/2019 c4 1Raven of the Whiplash
Im loving this story. The flow and ebb is very well done. The pacing is perfect for the contest and the character building is quite good. I cant say i agree with multiple people having magic just so they can be included in the Hogwarts arc of the story, but if its contained just to Team 7, then thats quite acceptable.

The only foreseeable problem i can see is when they become Genin and get assigned to Kakashi. It happens when Naruto is 13, so i would guess some time in Prisoner of Azkaban, after October tenth but im sure you can use the Wikia to find exact dates. But when they are made genin, it matters how you include the important details such as the Wave Arc and the Chunin Exam.

Another thing is the Sharingan. Little known fact is that Sauske unlocked the Sharingan during the Uchiha Massacre, but thought the event was a dream. As you aren't including the Massacre, you will need to find some equally trauma traumatic event. Its still possible to have the massacre happen if you want, say Danzo uses Shisui's mind control on Itachi or Fugaku goes back to the Coup while Harry/Sauske is at Hogwarts. But another thing about the Sharingan is HOW it is unlocked affects the person's personality. Sauske whitnessed the Massacre and his sharingan enhanced the dark feelings of revenge. The next time he used it was against Haku to get revenge for him (her?) 'Killing' Naruto. Obito unlocked it after protecting his team and from there, felt very protective in his own warped way. Kakashi, who was implanted with Obitos sharingan felt the same protection, possibly via some bleeding effect. (Enslave the world in a dream to protect them/protect my friends from any harm). Just make sure the event that unlocks the Sharingan is traumatic and has the kind of context that you want to shape sauske with. I wont even get into the mangeko cos that means your gonna have Sauske kill Naruto or Sakura. The only way to unlock it is to feel extream loss at killing/losing someone close to- OOOOOOHHHHH... Goodbye Itachi. But ya, the Mangeko will also affect Sauske negatively. It makes the user more dark and brooding and almost evil. Again, refrence the wikia for more detail. But wait, Itachi should have the Mangeko by this point! He got it as an ANBU after he watched Shisui kill himself! And what about Itachi's degenerative terminal illness?

Last point, how are you going you deal with the Kyūbi and the Akatsuki and the whole "Sauske and Naruto are litterally destined to fight eachother because they are the incarnations of Asura/Indra" thing? If they are best friends and basicly inseparable, it will make things more complicated. Make sure you dont write yourself into a corner and keep remembering that although this is a fanfic, there are a lot of events that do not rely on Sauske being Harry. Akatsuki, Tobi, Pein's invation and destruction of Konoha, Madara, the 4th ninja war, all of these things do not rely on Sauske to happen. Again, be sure not to write yourself into a corner and make sure you keep referencing the wikia or the manga for details.

Good luck and i cant wait to see more!
9/27/2018 c3 iHateHotWeather123
Having that disgusting PINK WHORE included but not Naruto just kills any interest in this story..WTFH is wrong with you..WHY would you have that abusive bitch with Harry! Disgusting..
6/18/2018 c4 6Earl of Rosshire
Great story so far. Hopefully you re-find your "muse" that you mentioned in your profile. While you know better when you want Sasuke/Harry to awaken his Sharingan, I would suggest the "Troll Incident" on Halloween, or his battle with Quirrellmort at the end of first year. In "Naruto Canon," Sasuke awakens his Sharingan after his second serious battle, with Haku on the bridge. The Demon Brothers DON'T count for Sauske, unlike Canon Naruto and Sakura. In "HP Canon," the Troll Incident is intense enough that it COULD do the job, and would otherwise certainly prime the pump for his awakening the Sharingan during his battle with Quirrellmort. As for Harry/Sauske's shinobi skills, they SHOULD be ahead of "Canon Sauske." In your story, even though Sauske is only eleven (but born just over two months earlier than Naruto Canon,) ther was NO Uchiha Massacre. So, between Itachi, Mikoto, and occasionally Fugaku, Sasuke has received THREE YEARS of Clan Training that Canon Sasuke did not. Since your Naruto is Sauske's actual friend, he would have also benefited from the "extra" training, as well as being less prone to Mizuki's sabotage. Once again, great story, and I'm eagerly but patiently awaiting Chapter 5.
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