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12/23/2020 c26 14sky3427
Looks like Lola is planning something devious. The family should let things with Brandon work over his own pace otherwise they could mess things up. Another great chapter!
12/22/2020 c26 2JannaKalderash
Oh dear. Lola is on the money, but what she doesn't realize is that Rita and Lynn Sr. really won't care about her suspicions. They're not going to give Brandon up anything or anyone; not even her.

As for Brandon, I can understand his attitude, but it's starting to become stale. He should be polite, but distant when it comes to the family. His resentment can only last so long until it wears him down.
12/19/2020 c25 Dr coolness
More chapters more chapters MORE CHAPTERS
12/12/2020 c25 Dr coolness
When is the next chapter?
12/11/2020 c25 14sky3427
That was very sweet between Lana and Brandon.
11/28/2020 c1 5ninjakingofhearts
When will you put the rest of the chapters in english?
6/12/2020 c24 StrikerTj
Next chapter please
6/12/2020 c6 Ddysrhjkojbdsfvjihvbkk
Lola gots what she deserves.
6/12/2020 c5 Ddysrhjkojbdsfvjihvbkk
Who is Brandon, and how will Lincoln react to him? It becames more and more interesting. You could write your own book, about Brandon and sister Mahgarete.
6/11/2020 c2 Ddysrhjkojbdsfvjihvbkk
I am in. This is my next great storie. Just one thing: in English nobody writes questions with two "?". You should correct this. But everything else is ok.
6/4/2020 c24 14sky3427
Brandon's first day was...impact... and glad the story back
6/4/2020 c24 128eltioRob95
Otra forma de traducir rápido esto ir al preview, pasarlo a Google traductor y verificar que palabras están bien traducidas y cuales no, antes de publicar el producto final, no lo sé, ja.
6/4/2020 c24 10Yellowpikmin88
Great to see a new chapter. Brandon's really making a name for himself.
6/3/2020 c6 6the god of wolves
Kazuma approves
5/27/2020 c1 Ddysrhjkojbdsfvjihvbkk
I readed this storie a littel bit. Now I will read it complet. I hope that it will be complet translated.
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