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11/5/2017 c1 1MazerMooso
this was amazing! I love it! That would be so sad if that would of really happened! But the part wehre Akako pretended to be Aoko was sooo cruel! That was a bad way to be tricked! He couldn't even say it to the one he really loved! '(

Well,... still love it!

MazerMooso out!
12/11/2008 c1 8RoraNeko
hm, cute.
4/4/2005 c1 otaku1412
T_T aw...that's so sad but i liked it very much
3/22/2005 c1 aleatorio
I can't believe! A real Kaito Kid fan! I like him a lot too... my idol! I use his name a lot... but my nick is originally Katsu Kaito...^^=
1/13/2004 c1 Aya
Akako is a witch but it is nice to see the soft side of her. Lovely piece.
3/7/2003 c1 43Ysabet
@ Wheow. GOOD omake; you know, I did sort of wonder why her attitude changed enough for Akako to actually go and *save* KK's tuxedo'd behind. This is a perfectly good explanation- nothing like a massive whap across the heart-strings to wake a person up to their actions and the resulting consequences, is there? Really nice fic! Glad to see someone else who likes Shakespearian lines; I keep wondering what I can do with the "world enough and time" line (that IS Shakespear, isn't it? It's Friday today and my brain's not really in gear).
3/6/2003 c1 104Icka M. Chif
ff.net deleted my earlier review *grumble grumble*

Yeah, Kaito does seem to get shot a lot lately. He's turning into the series Kamui, looking good while bleeding. ^_^

Very good story Ann, Akako's hard to write, IMHO. Makes sense now why she would suddenly go from putting that spell on Nakamori-kun *shudders* (Scary!)to helping him out with Hakuba. "else do as ye will." -very nice touch.

Speaking of Hakuba. *perks up* Hakuba/Kaito pairing? Very cool! Is acutally my second favourite MK pairing, but end up laughing too hard to write it. (why do you think we pick on poor Hakuba so much?)


-ICKA! the IMP
3/6/2003 c1 Ryyan
what did Akako do? write more please! don't forget to update soon! ^_~

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