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for Hedwig Slightly Unhinged

10/22 c1 3Caelus06
I love this story. I have read it a few times. Never gets old.
10/7 c1 artlover8992
This story has made my day. Thank you so much for this.
10/6 c1 Guest
I feel like this needs a sequel. Harry enjoying a simple professional life as a chef while his personal life is just the antics his wives are getting up to.

I guess the only question is whether someone will explain birth control to Hedwig before or after she finagles an additional contract and they have to bump up to 13 or more. I'm sure she'll take the news perfectly calmly.
8/30 c1 afan
Absolutely Great! I love your imagination and writing style. Thank you for taking time out from your professional writing to share your talent in writing fan fiction.
8/18 c1 Blade1301
Unhinged indeed. But she got Harry out of privet drive without killing anyone, so it abiut breaks even.
8/15 c1 1icelandic lad
One of the funniest fics I've read on this site. It had me in stitches. I must admit, that there are parts of my own fanfic, where my Hedwig is influenced by the one shown in this wonderful piece of writing. Thank you for this, Mr. Knight :)
8/12 c1 The Punmaster
8/7 c1 Guest

This is epic
8/6 c1 aradia1967
please write a sequel
7/30 c1 peaceofme
Completely mental and completely wonderful. Thank you.
7/25 c1 gginsc
Poor Harry!
7/24 c1 61Epeefencer
What a fun story. I really enjoyed it.
7/22 c1 KnowInsight
Well this is one of the funniest Hedwig fixes Harry's life of read. :D
7/17 c1 ElvenPrince776
Had me laughing throughout the whole thing
7/8 c1 deadmanwilliams
i don't know why this was so entertaining but thanks for this
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