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4/2/2023 c9 2dbfox007
I have anproblem with this chapter, that the fact was Kim was about to sexual assalted by Loki didnt sit well with me at all. Also the fact that his wife said she should have taken it. As a survivor of a sexual assault, that made want to vomit.

I know ir was designed to push the story and maybe drive some character development, it just sickens me thatvis was just gloss over like this a everyday occurance.
5/18/2018 c24 47daccu65
The two just can't get a break, can they? Even when they're finally married off, even with the happy naked fun time working out well, they still run into some well as an agent that wants to recruit one, or both, of them.

Okay, this chapter had quite a bit of the naughty fun, but it there was still some nice plot enhancement with the two coming to grips that they're now, officially, a team for the rest of their lives. Yes, there are some awesome benefits to it but even as close as the two of them are, there are going to be some adjustments.

Hopefully, we'll have some more tales, perhaps one-shots or short stories, telling about the other characters.

Writing a full tale can be a daunting task, and can sometimes tax a persons endurance and motivation. I'm happy to have proven what little assistance that I did.

Thanks for sharing this bit of your imagination with us and keep writing for as long as you enjoy it.

5/18/2018 c24 4CajunBear73
It seems those two will never have a space of time where something doesn't interrupt...them.

But Kim seems to have sent a message to those who should listen and Ron helped contribute to her efforts for those who need 'encouragement'...Nick and those gunners were served...LOL!

From a 'Combat Drop' that, if they'd have capitalized on it, would have given them the distinctive honor of being the members with the highest recorded altitude when 'joining' (and Ron seems to have no respect if he's dumped into the tube like he was) moments that Ron should have just tossed out everything his Dad's slideshow portrayed (in agonizing 'detail' that only an Acturary can slowly provide...), to wrecking bedroom furniture as both 'explore new frontiers' in closeness only provided by them becoming man-and-wife, to finding support that was only a stone's throw away (Edmee's gotta have a side hustle...when the primary job description is idle), to learning that Kim's embedded Kimness with having a schedule to run every day needs to be blended with Ron's marinating (which he also has to blend from his inherent slacking), to a very tense time when intruders had to be dealt with harshly...

All-in-all, those two have had a rough time getting this far and from the way this ended, there's more to come that promises to keep them on their toes as they go through life, together.

And that's what they've always wanted, even though they didn't realize it-yet, when they met at Pre-K.

Glad Drew and Shego were nearby, I think the newlyweds need the extra security if stuff keeps on dropping in on them like it has...where no one was supposed to know they were there...

Great start to an ARC that shows promise of more adventure to come, with so many who have much to explore and learn, about themselves and the world they are now a part of.

Glad to have been aboard with you and your 'Support Team'...The email crossfire was soooo much fun!

5/18/2018 c24 26Sentinel103
MMP powered erotica, gotta love it. Oh and Fury, needs to time things better or he might be joining Loki in the afterlife.

5/13/2018 c23 47daccu65
Oh, boy! I have to admit that the Dr.s P reacted better to the Jim/Tim/Thora situation than I would have imagined. As protective as they have been of Kim, you'd suspect that they would have been just as protective of their sons.

I know that it's an odd chapter to bring this up, but it seems to me that the Lowardians operate their interstellar empire much as the Romans ran their early terrestrial empire; doing their best to keep their hands off of the day-to-day operations of their subordinate territories and allowing as much autonomy as possible. By doing so, they could be benevolent and helpful, meaning that the supposedly conquered peoples wanted to remain with Rome. Of course, towards the end they seemed for forget this principal. However, the Lowardians seem to have genuine good will towards Earth, which will make relations much easier.

But finally, the two are hitched up and off to a honeymoon. Let's hope they don't damage the property too much.
5/10/2018 c23 4CajunBear73
Interesting just doesn't come close to that description...

From a fast shuttle pickup from the aftermath of an armed assault on something really bad, to Carlynn coming to a decision about her Intended, a Nightmare in Red Velvet Coveralls (?) with pockets, the Shotgun Wedding we all knew was coming and was quite appropriate, the 'I am Curious Tweebs' event where it's assured their weakness is the tears of a forlorn girl, the non-rice exodus of the couple to combat insertion to their honeymoon and 'a new member of the Stoppable Family' just dropped on in...

Yeah, Interesting just doesn't come close.

Ann's got her work cut out for her with Thora, Kjrr and her Sons, Ron's given in to the adrenaline junkie-ness of his Wife and all others are settling in for a long night of talking and some serious drinking...

But who'd a thunk Gene Stoppable's 'Birds and Bees' slideshow could be the catalyst of where those three youngn's ended up?

5/10/2018 c23 26Sentinel103
The color theme of the wedding could have been green and orange...I had a kitchen in my first house with that. I cringed for a year before we completely redid the whole thing...and WHAT could go wrong with Thora being on midguard?

Oh great job with 'Q', he took a nice pill.

4/18/2018 c22 47daccu65
Well, despite everyone's best intentions, the kill count went up again. If I read this correctly, Mjolner has been sucked away to a different dimension...and may or may not be able to answer Kim's calls in the future.

Rufus being mistaken for an alien life form was hilarious, as were the gunmen's reactions.

I have to note that while there's going to be some music to face, which may require expert testimony from Justine that the Sword of Justice was a dead man and it was only a question of how many he would take with him, Team Possible is finally, completely, all together again. Will there be more interruptions or will they be able to have the ceremony?

Thanks for the story.
4/17/2018 c22 4CajunBear73
You could just chalk this raid up to Rambo Meets Lady Kim of the Hammer, her Mystical Sidekick with a whack sense of humor, the Never-be-Normal Monkey Master, the Rufinator and his Grand-Mole Bats!

I know, too large for the regular movie marquee...

Trying to recreate a standoff that was portrayed very wrongly and incorrectly in recent years, the CotC rabble really didn't understand consequences or what happens when you try to recreate a PDVI for nefarious purposes...and declare intentions with it.

Ron did his best to keep the body count down, as did Kim, but this seems to be more and more of their lives as they get involved with the new world now in play.

Wonder when the catfight between government agencies 'acquire their talents'...

Hope the wedding comes along soon and they are free of 'intrusions', both then and for their honeymoon...Nah, that ain't gonna happen...

4/17/2018 c22 26Sentinel103
Wish I hadn't been at that event over the weekend Jimmy, this would have been FUN to work on. Remember: MAYHEM. We just had a taste of it.

4/8/2018 c21 47daccu65
The moral dilemmas of ETs 1-3 aside, the ending is truly terrifying. This doesn't seem to be an issue of Ron's PTSD jumping him; he's made a deliberate decision to apply excessive violence to the situation. Will he see reason, or will he wind up crossing the Rubicon, so to speak?
4/7/2018 c21 4CajunBear73
Still some bugs in the system between males and females, no matter the realm...but when targeted magic is involved, I think Carlynn will really want what she has been denying herself. Regardless of whether it was Asgardian directed or what she and Sigbjorn can craft by themselves...

Bit of a sitch in the flatlands as a group seems to have things their way, misguided in their own self-important hubris of their 'rights'. The CotC just think they have all angles figured out, through their own 'perceptions' of their country. Can't wait for the hell Ron's about to bring down on them...And to really crank the CotC up even further about the Lowardians...Tell them the big green aliens are big fans of 'Soylent Green'...

Loved the 'sort of' introductions Kim made with Rhi and Pippa.

Not sure the remainder of the cavalry from above will get there on time, but if Thea's partner is any indication of the local crowd watching Ron's back, his six will really be thinly protected.

Regardless, Ron's probably going to put on an exhibition that will leave those present, on either side of the standoff, crapping in their pants.

4/7/2018 c21 26Sentinel103
Oh gooood give the bad guys some warning so they'll be waiting for Ron...that is like a totally bad idea. If the marginally sane guys on the inside try to hurt Kim and her maybe half sister-in-law they are going to have an insanely pi$$ed Ron and a marginally sane Kim Possible go totally crazy monkey on them.

Mayhem, gotta love it.

3/27/2018 c20 47daccu65
Okay, it looks like Kim and her new sidekick have gone into 'out of the frying pan and into the fire' territory. It must be horrible for Wade to watch and have no ability to influence events.

It is also appearing that Wanda has come to the simultaneous conclusions that your past always catches up to you and no good deed ever goes unpunished.

Looking forward to what pans out next.

3/26/2018 c20 4CajunBear73
Interesting things going on in Asgard...relating to surprise 'Brothers' and Intendeds...Wanda will have to suck it up alright, and Ninja on as the Love-Mistress-Expert of Asgard and watch over some really strange things.

But Kim and Rhi are headed into an ambush? Nana was right about the hot stuff from Subcontinent Asia vs. Louisiana...(Scoville shows they've got Tobasco and others of that family beat by a long way...), but she was wrong about her bad feeling about this mission...

Hope Wade can get through to them and plans can be made for Rhi's new 'talents'...

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