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4/26 c7 5ShadeFireDragon
The Overwatch reference. XD
2/22 c7 3NightHawk The Warrior
Let's hope that Weiss and Blake can talk to the Militia and get them to try to negotiate with the White Fang and SDC before the next raid. Or at least not completely wipe the out. They've made their move and shown they're a force to be reckoned with. Blake can help them fight the Fang and rescue defectors and conscripts, while Weiss helps them rescue forced workers (slaves) and help the SDC find alternatives. While both factions are corrupt there are good people, and they try to help their people. They just have really corrupt leaders, and their conflict is dragging on their war when there is an alternative that neither one wants. The only problem is that the SDC has a strong standing not only in Atpas, but around the world. This could extremely political with small pockets of fighting across remnant.
5/1/2019 c7 ManticoreBlues
hope our continue
3/18/2019 c7 Guest
This is a great fanfic please resume it!
3/6/2019 c7 Echoclonet
that cliffhanger though please continue this i want to read what happens next
ps: #JTMUSIC is the BEST
3/1/2019 c3 9Leonard Church814
So far what I’ve read is okay but doesn’t take itself as serious as it should sometimes. Things I get annoyed by include and are not limited to:

Ruby’s incessant screaming about weapons (clearly not reading the room).

Sooyoungs flippant attitude almost like Ruby except without bursting into yelling .

Weiss being stereotypically bitchy (seriously this is a wide spread issue that needs to stop, Weiss can NOT be bitchy when she wants to and can surely read the room).

Having Ozpin (who we know now is a few hundred year old conscious mind that jumps from person to person) bring a group of 8 teenagers to an unknown scenario for no reason. He does this in canon because he has no choice but to rely on them, mostly Ruby because of her silver eyes. He’s strong enough to handle it by himself and more than enough to handle it with Glynda.

Question and answering on first contact. This is obviously not a part of humanity that widely knows what’s going on between the IMC and Militia, casually speaking about bases and military structure is a terrible idea. There needs to be animosity between people before opening up.

Things I do like:
Adhering to some limits on information, a Lieutenant or Captain does not have the day for an entire fleet, a Commodore does. So speaking to the real person in charge is better.

Cooper is restricted unlike Sooyoung, he reigns her back when needed.

I’m interested to see where this goes, but please do keep in mind some of these grievances. It’s okay to pander a little but not at the expense of the tone of the story and definitely not to make a bad joke.
1/26/2019 c7 Revolt679
It really amazing story ever. :D
1/23/2019 c7 2cyberlord4444
Go for the Dreadnought, Ruby deserves her capital ship-captaining momma back.
BTW, I've got a headcanon that the reason that Crescent Rose has a sniper mode is because Summer used a sniper rifle herself. Now, you may or may not take up this headcanon yourself, but might I recommend/request that she command an artilary cruiser?
12/14/2018 c7 MarauderPrime12
Yes to both!
11/15/2018 c7 1Lord of Moons
This is lit!
10/3/2018 c7 45Wacko12
wait, does White Fang have Titan? Haven't read this in a while so I'm a bit confused
8/23/2018 c1 9RustedThunder
It's amazing, quite spectacular actually. Never have I met a character in fanfiction that I did not like more than Sooyoung. By god, you have managed to create a story where I am actively rooting for the heroes to die so that Sooyoung will fuck off and die and never talk again. Good job, because I am fully on the side of the Militia usually. Don't pull the cheap sympathy of tragic backstory and dead parents, I'm adopted! Because that doesn't mean shit without a likeable character.
7/27/2018 c7 7xenofox god
I like this story keep up the good work
7/10/2018 c5 8Healthcare.gov
Tony Mo vs JerDude vs Iniquity vs GameSager.


Spicy Boi vs Mr Kill Yourself vs Purple vs Hell Yeah guy.

Titanfall community memes.
7/5/2018 c7 Guest
I can't wait to read the next one
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