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1/16 c22 10Just a Crazy-Man
6/28/2019 c21 supertoxic53
I need more of this amazing story.
6/25/2019 c21 Guest
Ugh why did you have to bring in a male character. This story was fine till now. The only way to fix this issue is to turn him into a female.
6/25/2019 c21 Bigrob1945
good chapter looking forward to the next one
3/29/2019 c20 Just a Crazy-Man
3/28/2019 c20 papajm43
way too short.
1/2/2019 c19 Cykrosis
I like this series as a whole and juri's transformation and becoming proud of her own bodykeep up the hard work especially with all these stories you write! -
8/4/2018 c18 TQ679
Short but sweet. I love how proud Yukana is with Juri's transformation, Ranko being a troll is always fun and I really want to see Kashii get that wig on. I can't wait to see them get it on at the spa.
7/25/2018 c17 TQ679
Yes I love seeing Juri taking command of the situation, hopefully next chapter we get to see Boa officially inducted into the Gal Harem.
7/25/2018 c17 The4thHorseman
Well that went well, Juri fucked Kashii silly so it looks like there won't be any problems for a while.
7/20/2018 c16 1Korin Dragoon
You could have Kashii dominate Juri but then due to Juri's stamina Juri turns it around and ends up dominating Kashii, however unintentionally or not it maybe.
7/16/2018 c16 3bcsclaymore
juri dominate kashii, no regression, let her strut:)
7/16/2018 c16 2revan193
Juri dominating Kashii is definitively the best idea, the other solution would be like r-a-p-e and turn the fanfiction into some kind of NTR story...
7/16/2018 c16 TQ679
Juri needs to be the dominate one, she's has changed a lot and deserves this victory. Besides just because Juri wins doesn't mean Kashii has to loose her personality.
7/16/2018 c16 The4thHorseman
Have Juri dominate Kashii, people similar to Kashii are narcisstic assholes who will do anything to stay on top. Plus, Juri is a pretty nice gal despite her perverted attitude & she has quite a knowledge about video games so it would be fun to have someone like her as a game partner. Also, Juri is gaining so much progress by being social & talking to other people it would break my heart if her progress stopped just because some bitch with a huge ego couldn't accept the fact that not everyone is bowing to her whims.
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