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5/14 c18 Dreymord
I'd actually be interested in a story with Nyx as one of the main characters - though being a primordial, she either needs to fall from grace or be a love interest or something, not interesting to have her just blow the opposition to bits all the time if she's the main character.
Fun story, by the way.
4/16 c6 3Jok3r425
I busted out laughing when Apollo said "I'm taking your leaves bitch."
4/6 c10 I am The 13th
4/5 c18 4ID777
Is this done or...?
Great story, love the chapters and plotline.
3/8 c13 AlphaKenny1
Mate I've been keeping up with your story but I am quite anoyed but this fight scene, I understand that Percy needed to loose to keep the plot going, but you can't have Percy freezing every Olympian in one chapter and then Percy only being able to freeze two, the figth scene made no sense, why didn't Poseidon get involve, why didn't Artemis, why did he took and 7 hour break between freezing Zeus and actually doing something. You could have figure out 100 better ways to have him loose the battle.
2/26 c13 majikss
did percy fucking rape hera in this fic! is that what yourr trying to tell me
2/23 c18 yodadabs

2/22 c1 Guest
2/10 c18 internationale
ps2: i've just reread my post, i'm really sorry about typing mistakes, i wrote this on the phone and just messed up.
2/10 c18 internationale
this is actually one of the first stories i've read on this website, i'd say this is around a tier. there are just so many stories like this one, pertemisprimordial types, so it's extremly hard to write something that stands out. this story is decent, compared to certain really good pjo writer like salient or anaclusmos this might not be as good, but it is an great attempt to put more diversity on the pertemis fanfics, i read this really earlly, three years ago. i remember scrolling down so many similar pertemis stories and marvelling at just how many of them, this one focused on time powers which is actually new back then, so i clicked on it. the writing is decent and better the 90 percent of the pjo fanfictions, i was really sad that this story was unfinished and hoped that it could update soon, whenever i went to this website i would check out whether or not it is updated, finally, you updated this story, i hope that you would finish this quickly and also wish that you continue to write more fanfictions. you are better at writting then most fanfic writers and i hope that you will not waste your talent. as i said this story is one of the first stories i have read and made me stay at the website to discover other talented works of fanfiction.
ps. i am a chinese citizen raised in china, i have only been to the englished world for vacations, so my english is poor, so i hope that you can excuse my grammatical mistakes.
2/8 c5 Ltbutterfly287
I can’t tel if your just really bad at describing things or if the meant for the armor to sound like something that looks stupid. Also I may have skimmed past a few things but I don’t really understand when Athena lied to him nor do I really agree with him being some temperamental cunt.
2/8 c3 Ltbutterfly287
That’s a ridiculous notion. I’m so tired of writers fucking around and beating the bush. Just tell them the domains and be fucking done with it. Percy is far from the only god who has a powerful domain. And it’s not like he can freely do what he wants with time sure he could freeze it and slow it down or speed it up maybe some minor time travel but that’s it before the fates would start fucking with him.
2/6 c18 Dang
I'll probably see a new chapter in 18 years, aren't I...
2/6 c15 Dang
The Author's note at the end is probably one of the only funny things in this chapter.
2/6 c14 Dang
I understand the work of updating chapters, but the longest I've ever heard of updating one is 6 months. Jeez...
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