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11/25/2018 c12 Aliya-a
Hi, this is such a bittersweet chapter, because it represents the ending of a chapter and the beginning of a new one, for both Hadley and Xander. What should have been a happy moment for the family has transformed into something else, both Hadley and Xander should have been happy for the news of the pregnancy, but with the news of their parents death, they also face the fact that the future is uncertain and to bring up a child in a world like this is dangerous. Still it is good that Hadley had found a way to build something constructive from all this, trying to keep the memory of her parents for her future nieces and nephews.

Keep up the good work.
11/18/2018 c11 Aliya-a
The realities of war had come into Hadley's life, it is one thing to hear about the death of an unknown person or the death of a relative of your friends, and quite another when your family is the one death. In this case I don't know which is worse, knowing that her mother is death or the fact that her father is missing. With her mother is the certainty of the death, but in her fathers case there is uncertanthy about his fate, which is worse because she might built the hope that he might be alive and then she will have to go all again with the heartbreak if it results, that in fact he is death. I think that this is the beginning of Hadley's relationship with Remus, they have both something in common, the lost of a parent, not in the same circumstances, but still there is a loose. I wonder how Evan had found out so quit about the death of her parents, the only ones who knew were the Marauders, two professors, an Auror and Dumbledore, not even Hadley's friends had come to comfort her, so how had he knew. Also, would this experience change Hadley's way of seeing the world in grey or will she become more a black and white type of person?

Keep up the good work.
11/18/2018 c12 Antrastea
Oh my, I definitly want to know whats next. I am a huge fan of your way of jumping between time, because most love stories end with the wedding or something like that in age of 25 or so... but you really make more out of the life of your characters. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
11/9/2018 c10 Aliya-a
Hi, it was nice to see another side of Hadley, the fun side, also I like the fact that although Roger had made a mistake and had broken Rachel's heart, Hadley had remembered that he is also her friend. Also we got to see James taking his responsibilities as head boy seriously, which shows that he is maturing. Hadley and Sirius are attracted to each other, Sirius was jealous when Rosier had implied that he and Hadley had sex, and Hadley had flirted with Sirius. Out of the two I think that only Sirius realises his feelings, Hadley's doesn't seem to realise what she had done, and this thing can prove dangerous in the long run.

Keep up the good work.
10/28/2018 c9 Aliya-a
The start of a new school year means the beginning of new things. Hadley's parents are up to something by supporting some anti-Voldemort actions in their own house, could they be joining the Order of the Phoenix or at least they are willing to help them in any way they can? In the mean time, Hadley has the support of her parents to chase her dream job. It was also nice to hear from her father that despise, her grades not being what her parents expected, they are still proud of her. Apart from that Hadley has a problem with the confrontation between Rosier and Sirius, I think Hadley is right in assuming that the fight was about her. Both boys hate each other, first because Sirius had abandoned the old ways, while Rosier had sticked with them, and now they had found a new subject to fight over, Hadley. A lot of drama and is just the start of the new year.

Keep up the good work.
10/25/2018 c12 katiejeanrose
I love this story!
10/15/2018 c12 7EviColt
My heart is aching so much, but the fact that she’s taking her artistic abilities and making them a way to cope is absolutely beautiful while also extremely sad. You did a great job, I want to cry.
10/14/2018 c8 Aliya-a
Hi, so Hadley has chosen Evan Rosier as her boyfriend, a choice that doesn't sit well with James or Sirius. James because, he is her friend and is worried about her wellbeing and probably Sirius because he is starting to have more profund feelings for her. In a way Hadley is right that a family doesn't determine what a person will become, but there are signs that indicate that Evan is more like his parents, the fact that he went to Knockturn Alley, and while Sirius and James are more quickly to judge a Slytherin in a bad light, I don't doubt that their fears are based on some facts. The problem is that Hadley is too stubborn and doesn't want to accept any point of view except her own, she is maybe attracted towards him and finds his personality and manners charming.

Keep up the good work.
10/11/2018 c11 2CarolinaFlint
Just read all 11 chapters-really liking the story so far! I started a story similar to this years ago about Sirius/an artistic Ravenclaw with a thing for Evan Rosier and I'm glad that someone is writing that because I totally wasn't able to!

In general, I'm loving how you've written James and Sirius; they feel very real (and somewhat flawed) when you read them, which is refreshing! Also loving how you are interspersing 1993 with the story. The scene where Hadley found Sirius by the statue of Gregory the Smarmy was wonderful-very vivid writing!

Excited to continue reading!
10/8/2018 c11 7EviColt
This just made my heart so heavy. I’m so sad Hadley is suffering right now.
10/3/2018 c10 EviColt
I am legit addicted to your fanfic! I can’t believe she’s now flirting with Sirius meep!
10/2/2018 c5 EviColt
I am LOVING your story! AH! I’m going onto chapter five now. Can’t wait to read more
Sorry I didn't review until now! I was just so engrossed in the tale!
What really pulled me in was your characterization of Hadley, who is GREAT!
Also the fact that the houses mingle i.e. Rosier and Hadley instead of just everyone hating Slytherin blindly. I loved that James and Sirius admitted that not all of Slytherin is evil but just select individuals. Perfect for the maturing head boy! Love this story so far and cannot wait to see what you do with it!
10/1/2018 c7 Aliya-a
Hi, so this chapter is back into the future, and Hadley is caught between her past feelings for Sirius and in a way her present feelings for Remus. She never got the chance for a proper goodby with Sirius and when she got out of prison, after such a traumatic experience Remus was there for her. And nor only that, a lot of their friends had died or had been lost, and those feelings of lost and being alone were that united them, and made possible that their relationship to go to the next level. But now that Sirius has escaped, for Hadley is complicated and she needs to evaluate her feelings towards the two. I wonder what Hadley thinks were Sirius motives for murdering Peter, because it isn't clear what exactly she thinks had happened, whether she knew that there was a switch .

Keep up the good work.
9/28/2018 c6 Aliya-a
Hi, Sirius is starting to show more feelings towards Hadley, firs in preparing her breakfast, despise the fact that he had never cooked in his life ( does Sirius have a sweet tooth), and then showing his possessive side when Hadley was invited by that muggle boy to the concert. On her side Hadley doubts everything that Sirius had done so far, partly on his background and partly on his reputation as a playboy, she thinks that he has a ulteriour motive to all his actions, maybe she doesn't trusts him because he can easily get under her skin and affect her.

Keep up the good work.
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