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for Three Cheers for the Red, Black, and Blue!

3/7 c8 Guest
Dude, you have to update this.
2/24 c8 6cshen.julienne
Hey this is interesting :)Thanks for writing! I enjoyed it.
9/22/2020 c8 3CoffeeAndOakLeaves
I really enjoyed reading this story! Ned's reaction to Steve was absolutely amazing and very funny! I think you've got the characters written very well and in-character!
It's been a whole since this story's been updated, but I'd love to read some more of it...
Thank you for writing!
8/5/2020 c8 Justin Archer
Are you going to continue this story?
6/24/2020 c8 Prisma19
This was the best Avengers story I have ever read. It was so funny and sweet and emotional and made me explode with happiness. You did and amazing job writing this story and writing everyone is character. I loved reading Peters thoughts and lines, Tim Holland is the best Spider-Man ever. I loved how awkward Peter was about cutting Caps clothes, and how Ned freaked out and asked Peter stupid questions, and how Tony knew something wrong and was concerned, and how Bruce tried to help Peter understand that they all have fears and nightmares and helps him through getting his shoulder fixed, I especially loved how Steve tried to help Peter and gave him advice. You did and amazing job with Peter’s character development and showing us how he goes through the same problems the Avengers do and vice versa. What I loved the most was how you managed to compare Peter to Steve I had never noticed that before and I love the connection. I also love how protective Peter is being off Steve and wants to save his life no matter the costs. I was fangirling so hard while reading this, this story is a fangirl’s dream, Steve, Tony, and Peter are my favorites. This is the type of story we needed especially since we didn’t know what happened before EndGame, I am making this canon now. Thank you so much for writing this story. Please come back and continue this awesome story.
4/9/2020 c8 Seblaine4Life
Please update this! I have really liked reading this!
4/2/2020 c8 spiderguk
had to come back to give this a read, such a good story. there isn’t a lot of peter & steve that i’ve seen and this was one of the first ones i found and i still adore it. this is such a good story and i love it so much and i just wanted to tell you that haha! if you ever wanna come back i would kill for that but not in a “please update this story now” more of a “i love this story so much and if you ever want to continue it, i would be stoked for a new chapter” type of way. have a great day !
2/15/2020 c8 Fangirl1701
Hi, I don't usually leave reviews and such but had to for this story. It's Saturday 15th Feb and I've got a flippin' head cold and a sore shoulder. Came up to bed early to try and sleep but thought I'd read a little fanfic beforehand. Came across your story and have to say I really like it! You'd mentioned earlier that you weren't sure about the dialogue, but I think it's spot on and I could definitely hear Peter and Ned saying these things. And the bits where Peter is worried about cutting Steve's clothes off to treat his wounds, well being a Cap/Chris fan my imagination was running overtime! My stuffy head and sore shoulder have been temporarily forgotten about, although have to confess that a short bout of coughing ensued when I read a particularly amusing section! Anyway m'dear, just wanted to say excellent story. Looking forward to reading more of this story and looking for more of your work.
Live Long and Prosper
12/19/2019 c1 Guest
ok first off thats a brilliant title
12/20/2019 c8 6Imagine333
Hiya, great story. Are your ever going to continue with this, I would love another chapter about going to wakanda. Meet me know. Thanks gini
10/10/2019 c8 Guest
Hey! Are you ever going to finish this?! I think it is AMAZING! And I REALLY hope to read the end someday! Thank you sooooo much for your terrific work!
8/2/2019 c8 3aredhel-of-goldolin
This is freaking amazing! I love the interactions between Peter and Steve—they’re hilarious. Anyway, this story has way too much potential to be abandoned, so please update soon!
6/25/2019 c8 not a muggle - just a witch
please continue to write
6/13/2019 c8 8gamma1243
I LOVE THIS! This is such an original idea for a story and you’ve got an incredible voice when you write!
Something that always sets good stories apart from great stories, in my opinion at least, is how well the characters are written. There’s so many stories out there where the characters are constrained to what the authors want. The best authors know how to let the characters take the story and run with it. You’ve definitely achieved that with this story! Your dialog is excellent, super easy to visualize!
I hope to read more from you in the future! Keep up the good work, and you deserve a 10 out of 10 :)
5/30/2019 c8 iliana
I really like this story, and the way you write the characters is exactly how they act in the movies, and I could see everything you write actually happening! Also, I'm really excited about the one-shot on Steve using old slang, because the one paragraph that had Steve using it practically had me rolling on the floor!
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