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for Three Cheers for the Red, Black, and Blue!

8/11/2017 c2 Unajet
Really liking the story so far. Very fun to read. Smiling at the preview for the next chapter already. Can't wait to see what kind of hijinks Peter and especially Ned can get into.
8/11/2017 c2 3Krystal Fox
This is soooooo good! I can't wait till Ned meets Captain America! Could you have Cap wake up while Ned is there? And have Ned, like, faint or something!
8/11/2017 c2 5AquaDragonSilverFire
Incredibly excited for chapter three, feeling the building excitement, also the slight meta-ness of Ned's comment about this being fanfiction was pretty great. Keep it up!
8/11/2017 c2 1Modern Demigod Hero
Lol Ned
8/11/2017 c2 HazelCookie
can't wait for the third chapter XD I'm here sitting and giggling all along, especially at the end. Good job ! Your writing is great and the plot idea sound interesting !
8/11/2017 c1 elisiumqueen
awesome! can't wait for more!
8/9/2017 c1 Modern Demigod Hero
Great start can't wait for the next chapter
8/9/2017 c1 24silverwolvesarecool
Dude. This is amazing and awesome. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to future chapters! ~Sil
8/8/2017 c1 5AquaDragonSilverFire
It's pretty good so far, interested to see where it goes!
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