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9/29/2018 c1 Guest
This was so cute and sweet and everything
1/14/2018 c1 Guest
love your story and I laughed at Harry showing up at the wrong moment as usual lol.
10/15/2017 c1 1LilyJean630
This was so amazing! Thanks for sharing!
8/9/2017 c1 2JeanAndBilius
Brilliant - very funny and loving!
8/9/2017 c1 MotherNight
Absolutely fabulous. This is so in character that it doesn't even read as smutty. It's just romaine being romaine and segueing perfectly into trio. Thanks for sharing. ️
8/9/2017 c1 21notsing
Wow! I'm glad Hermione got her rocks off. I knew they could do it, practice makes perfect after all! Harry threatening them with Molly was cute. I love that the guys are going to live in Hogsmeade. Frankly, I've always liked the idea of Ron and Hermione living in Hogsmeade anyway (I would move there if I could). Great story, thanks for sharing.
8/9/2017 c1 15rebelsaurus29
Smutty Romione! They are just too freaking cute!
8/9/2017 c1 1OfWhizzFizzing
this was absolutely amazing! I loved it!
8/8/2017 c1 habababa
It's great! I love how enthusiastic and happy they are. And it was all so in character for them, the talk and record xd And Harry was adorable! Amazing!
8/8/2017 c1 1LillyMay77
Such an awesome one shot! I loved it!
8/8/2017 c1 2NLAP
Loved it! So much!
8/8/2017 c1 HeRonLove
That was a great fic.
8/8/2017 c1 51bowtruckles
Ugh this was so so so good! Just everything, her wanting Ron to talk to her, his wand between his teeth, his surprise news at the end... I loved it!
8/8/2017 c1 1MrsWheezy
Aww... how sexy yet cute was this? Loved how neither of them could stop ogling the other and how Ron can't keep anything from Hermione - well apart from his feelings of course - that cracked me up XD

Amazingly written, as expected :)
8/8/2017 c1 banzi
Enjoyed your story.

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