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for Oh, You Pretty Sad Thing

7/13 c16 fadingthingparadise
Wow, superb job! Very well written and great story - also incredibly hot. It had all the right amounts of kinky for me without coming across as cringey or uncomfortable. I look forward to looking into your other works
6/10 c16 5Plunderbun
I've really enjoyed reading this. Where yes the focus was on the explicit sex, there was a well-thought-out story within it. This can be unusual since most fics that are this sex-centered tend to be PWP. This was refreshing. Would not mind seeing a Derek center fic. Will he get his woman back? Find someone else? Or if he got his grove back with Sarah is he just going to bang everyone? Would be interesting.
5/31 c5 Plunderbun
So when Jareth hears get out and stay out forever he heard wake me up sleeping beauty style and take me I’m yours. Sounds like a normal guy. So was the snowstorm natural or fae caused?
5/28 c16 4Thevoiceslockedaway
I half thought Ericka was gonna walk in on them in the living room. lol

Wrapped up with a pretty bow of love.
5/28 c14 Thevoiceslockedaway
Not into anal, when I was younger I thought I'd like it, till I did it. lol But this wasn't too bad for me. I think if it would've been a longer scene I may have not cared for it.
I feel Sarah though on guilt throughout this story. Sex is like being drunk and when you come down, sometimes you wonder wtf you were thinking. lol
5/24 c16 Rising Phoenix-82
Perfect from beginning to end..
5/15 c16 10BowieQueen
Wow so smutty. Delicious lemons. And a happy ending. This was so good. Thank you so much.

And to answer your question from a few chapter back, I don't want a threesome but the idea is hot. Especially two men haha.
5/14 c4 BowieQueen
I LOVE Lady Stardust.

Your depiction of Sarah's guilt and embarrassment is so accurate for women I think. We're taught it's dirty and taboo and we shouldn't do it. And so those feelings of shame always flooded me in my younger years. And it shouldn't be that way.

In the same breath I don't understand why people want to read smut but hate masturbation. It's one of my top three things to read in smut hehe.

Loving this story. So much.
5/13 c16 BustedBrain
Holy hell am I ever happy you’re writing again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the completion of this tale and I’d love to send all the cookies to your BF for helping get you back into writing.

I love your characters and story telling, very appreciative of your smutty smut too.
5/7 c16 Bzymom2manykids
Holy Hot! Loved this story. Happy to see it finished but will miss reading.
5/7 c16 Annibale
Awwwh :) A great ending to a hot story :D
5/7 c16 6xBowiegirlx
Awww what a lovely ending! Gahhh! I loved this so much and I can't thank you enough for giving us three updates in a few days! It's really cheered me up, so thank you. Can't wait to read more of your work!
5/5 c15 Cerian Hopkins
Just what I needed this morning before work can’t wait to see how this ends up x
5/6 c15 Margot Grazyna
Cieszę się, że Sarah zdobyła się na wytyczenie jasno swoich granic. Świetny seks świetnym seksem ale te przeżycia spowodowały powstanie więzi, teraz to już wszystko albo nic. Mądra dziewczynka. Ekstremalne przeżycia na pewno pozwoliły jej się otworzyć na nowe i zaryzykować powrót do branży, to ją rozwinęło, dało inną perspektywę życiową, podniosło poprzeczkę oczekiwań. To dobrze. Ale w miłości nie zgodzi się na nic mniej niż daje, to więcej niż bardzo dobrze.
5/5 c15 3LadyDragon28
Gods damnit!
Why!? Why for the love of the Underground would you stop there!?

I've waited thus long to see them together, damnit! I don't want to wait anymore!
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