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11/14 c36 scoutsout141
please update
11/11 c12 Daybreaker1
It's easy for Arthur to speak of a 'simple engorgement charm' as if it were nothing. It's quite another for Dudley, who's a muggle with no means of protecting himself from magic, and has already been attacked by Hagrid.
10/15 c35 mumphie
Doing a's been quite a while since I read this. Wonderfully woven and interesting! Wishing upon wishes that you would find your mojo and come back to this. This chapter explained why Harry had difficulty with his magic. Yay. Wondering if his healing sleep was the only anomaly his mother's healers found, or was there more to it? I realize that it's been twenty years since you started this tale, and you probably will never continue it. Sigh. Here's hoping...
10/14 c12 mumphie
Hypocritical of Snape...he needs to take his own advice. Too bad no one called him on it. ;)
10/1 c36 1stay-awhile-and-listen
I'm pretty sure a semi-sentient folder is my new favorite OC. I wish this story wasn't abandoned.
9/30 c36 ohhhdear
What a marvelous indepth character study! I am a bit confused as to whether or not the store is completed as it ends in a rather strange place. Thank you for writing it.
8/28 c36 1mayawene
Thank you
8/24 c29 squeegybug
I never really got it how there aren't more stories where the DA decides that since they are all training themselves up to defend against magical adults that KILL people... and that maybe since Harry SAW all of the Death Eaters, and know who they ALL are. And since the DA all BELIEVE Harry, they should quietly make themselves a list, have Secondary Wands made, learn a ton of really nasty spells, and go on the offensive. Or hell, send one of the Muggle-Born over to Balmoral to talk to the Queen. Even the Ministry of Magic of Britain is supposed to answer to her in some way. Have the Muggles drop a Nuke on Malfoy Manor. The Death Eaters would never see THAT coming.
8/19 c36 25AspergianStoryteller
Finally, I've finished re-reading this! Now I can sleep! And return to my Trigun brain rot!
7/26 c36 Guest
This is so good it’s a shame it’s not finished. Thanks for what you’ve written so far
7/20 c36 Guest
Wow. Thank you for contributing this fic to the world.
(I’m mentally in AO3)
7/20 c35 Guest
Your are an amazing writer
7/20 c34 Guest
Oh god he’s going to try to put him with malfoy right oh god
7/15 c36 wiebenor
Please continue this someday, as it's very interesting... Seriously, it's the first time I've read a story that has a sentient magical life/guardian folder, of the sort utilized here...

I know it's probably never going to be updated, but I'm going to follow this just in case you decide to continue this very good story...

Can't wait to hopefully find out how much drain on his magic Dumbledore gives the folder someday...
7/6 c1 3CityGirl7768
This is a great story. abrupt end but most things are well wrapped but by that point. wish there was more.
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