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6/11/2022 c4 wandamarie
thank you
6/11/2022 c3 wandamarie
oh my poor harry
6/11/2022 c2 wandamarie
oh my goodness poor harry
6/11/2022 c1 wandamarie
thank you for the start to the story
5/31/2022 c36 Aki13S
This is so so so damn brilliant. It's criminal that I've never found this gem before now. Where have you been hiding this? Is this a conspiracy? I'm so in love with the HP world you created and the characters. Pleaseeeeee take my love and adoration for this work. Mwah
5/27/2022 c26 Acheron Skolfruund
That "Can we keep you" thing just activated the enchantments on Harry's folder, didn't it.
5/27/2022 c17 Acheron Skolfruund
I'd really like to read "Jim's" pamphlet myself, especially if McGonagall laughed out loud at it!
5/16/2022 c36 JEWELSPLASH007
um what lol well I hope you countinue the story and I loved it so far/
5/15/2022 c19 4LightTrain
This has been the most decidedly British fic I’ve ever read, I am not sure if even half of the slang in this is real or if it’s time period accurate but you have a delightfully wordy way of writing that I simply haven’t found in the 500 or so stories I’ve read outside of a few rare occasions
5/1/2022 c36 2SixFtWookie
Such a fine story, I'm sorry it ended but this isn't the worst place it could have ended.
4/16/2022 c35 Guest
I give up. This is such a good idea for a story but couched in so much dull and uninteresting content. I LIKE long reads, even slow tension building over dozens of chapters, but this story is filled with just so much unnecessary and backtracking information irrelevant to the plot that it’s driving me mad. Is it necessary to write thousands of words describing interactions that aren’t relevant to the plot? And then reexplain them from someone else’s point of view? I found myself frustrated because I had to scroll over the irrelevant stuff and scan for actual information relevant to the plot, which is a nightmare to find, and yet I was enjoying the core of the story so I didn’t want to give up - anyway I’m giving up now. About 10% of this story is great, good plot, 90% is irrelevant and ruins the rest, to the point that it’s entirely unreadable.
3/29/2022 c36 ggf1
Great story. Different. Interesting,
3/29/2022 c36 geekmodeboy.1
Omg! What a cliff hanger! Whens the next chapter?
3/19/2022 c36 CMdkelley
Enjoyed it! Thank you.
3/3/2022 c36 10RevDorothyL
I realize there is probably zero chance of your continuing this, but it's brilliant. Thank you so much for writing and posting what you have here! :)
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