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4/6/2023 c35 Razeli
What a great story! It’s my second reread and I love it.
3/16/2023 c36 ElsieD
I loved this story! Thanks so much for writing it!
3/8/2023 c36 Jeckamira47
This was so good! I’m so sad that you stopped writing this ages ago
2/28/2023 c36 nad4.35
not usually one to read slowburn stories but this one is sooo amazing. good job!
been a while since you've been active here. hope you return to it.
till then my friend
2/21/2023 c15 Raffy528
Haha, well done Wormtail. Mission accomplished! *Claps*
2/21/2023 c12 Raffy528
Wow! That was so well thought out. An absolute dream of a chapter. You put some serious hard work into this one!
2/21/2023 c1 Raffy528
Sorry, I just had a fit of giggles. Did Molly just break the International Statute of Secrecy by casting a featherlight charm in King's Cross on the muggle side? That's a faux pas for sure. I'll reread it again, make sure I read that right.
1/18/2023 c12 8Bartholemeow
Oh you silly gooses, mistaking the forest for the trees. Harry unintentionally outmaneuvered the entirety of the Order of Phoenix by hiding in plain sight.

This would be a prank worthy of the Marauders.
12/31/2022 c30 1Clara Brighet
EHEHEHEHEHEH the reveal of magic to the Wright parents never disappoints

Tom is the real MVP of this fic

I don’t think I’ve said before how fascinating I find the idea of Harry’s magical “folder” at the ministry. Everything from the silenced alarm to the magical Gail safes is intriguing and goes a long way towards explaining the gaps in canon you wrote the story to address.

Ahhhh I love Crystal and the mirror entities!

“They aren’t angry?” Harry pressed, frowning in confusion. “Not at all?”
Oh Harry, oh child. Oh my heart…

“Oh no, the Wrights are nothing like the Dursleys!” Oh ho yes masterfully done, Crystal

I adore the sleeping beauty reference btw

Ohhhhhhhhhh! I had forgotten why they wound up back at the Wrights’ house! The entire scene at the Leaky Cauldron I was wondering lol. It was the phone call to Janet’s parents!

I love that you specify the real-life inspiration for the air mattress lol. That’s dedication.
12/29/2022 c29 Clara Brighet
Harry’s life with the Dursleys was just…. So much worse than anyone imagined.
Seeing these scenes through the eyes of people who love and care for him adds an extra helping of hurt.
He was just playing! He was just a baby!He was playing carouselsobs*
12/29/2022 c28 Clara Brighet
This chapter just has,,,, so much

Every other line is punching me in the solar plexus lolHarry’s casual dismissal of himself and mistreatment towards him, the realizations he has (and ignores lol) while writing to Sirius… it’s beautiful, it’s heartbreaking.
12/26/2022 c1 Clara Brighet
Hi there, Wishweaver,
I have no idea if you are still active on this site, and I hope this message finds you in good spirits and good health. I'm three quarters of the way through my 3rd(?) re-read of Realizations, and I thought it was high time I finally buckled down and left you a proper thank you. This story has been dear to me for years, and I'm so glad you wrote it and shared it where others could read it. It is a delight. (:
Wherever you are, whatever you've been up to in the past decade - thank you! Your work continues to make me smile.
12/26/2022 c27 Clara Brighet
I forgot dot net won’t let you leave more than one comment per chapter, so here’s one from the previous:

I really enjoy your writing style.

“His reaction to Steve and his girls had been rather unexpected. Well, okay, not really unexpected, just stronger than normal. He usually did a fair job of accepting the fact that others had loving families and he… didn’t, but today it had been harder.”

Harry’s internal monologue is so comfortable to read, and often so heart wrenching by virtue of how casually he brushes aside his own hurts. There’s something very tender and healing about this story, which might be part of why I’ve come back to it so many times over the years. Dunno how many, but this has got to be my 3rd or 4th time reading it. Thanks for the many hours of happiness.
12/26/2022 c26 Clara Brighet
Harry candidly observing that he’d “picked up the knack of assessing the mood of others around him while be lived with the Dursleys” ಥ_ಥ hhhhhh oh hon. That’s. That’s a trauma response. That would be because of the trauma. Oh honey.
12/26/2022 c26 Clara Brighet
As;dlfkjas;dlfkj every chapter of this story has me ranting about just how badly the adults in Harry’s life have let him down. So many levels of tragic oversight, misunderstanding, etc.

AS;DLFKJALSJDJDH Becky insisting on kisses for ‘Parky’s booboo has me weepy ಥ‿ಥ Harry needs a lil TLC so much and would never, ever ask for it. This family is so good for him.
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