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for Love in a Time of Calamity

7/9 c29 The Big Bad Wolf-9
Love the artistic ensemble you wrote up for this chapter. I hope all is well!
7/9 c28 The Big Bad Wolf-9
These scenes are written so well. Ah my poor heart!
7/9 c26 The Big Bad Wolf-9
Honestly haven't laughed this hard at a chapter. I wish more authors utilized the smaller events, side stories as it were, to broaden the depth of a character. Link's pokerface was on the nose, but the fact that he was so good at poker makes him so much more fun of a person. Not to mention being put on the spot; two teenagers with budding emotions towards one another having to be put in that situation and then /sleep/ together is a trope that is rarely done well, but it works given both of their recalcitrance.

Seriously enjoying this story tremendously.
7/9 c25 The Big Bad Wolf-9
Ahahahahahahah I legit laughed. When Link said, "Was he inappropriate with you" I laughed. Had Zelda's answer been any modicum of a positive, poor Domidak would have been very much Domidead.
7/9 c20 The Big Bad Wolf-9
Oh wow. The emotion. holy crap. I've read sad stories, but when someone who tries so hard to keep control of their emotion lets the tears out...it speaks volumes.
7/8 c14 The Big Bad Wolf-9
Sincerely loving this story.
7/8 c11 The Big Bad Wolf-9
holy shit. This chapter was handled masterfully. The background you gave, the lore building, the world building. It was a simple consolation chapter, but in it, you've expanded Link's background and highlighted the issues and stresses of rebuilding a Kingdom. While not as ruined as it would have been in the 100 year canon, Hyrule is still bleeding.

Such great characterization. Thank you so much for writing this.
7/8 c3 The Big Bad Wolf-9
How Zelda so badass, damn.
5/26 c29 shade5280
I personally took a hiatus from reading any fanfiction recently. but I jumped back in and remembered there was an amazing what if story for Zelda awakening her powers before Link falls. I adore this story! I find the build up slow for Zelda and Link to realize they love each other slow, but I'm also impatient :P I hope you update this soon! very excited for what happens next!
5/1 c29 Guest
Plz post more
4/22 c12 Ferdiad
Well it's not like Link's a commoner, he comes from a long line of knights, royal knights at that. She'd be marrying below her station but not so much as he thinks.
4/22 c10 Ferdiad
I hope you don't go and give Link PTSD, he's the hero, the triforce isn't just window dressing you know.
4/22 c8 Ferdiad
My theory on why magic is rate is that the what the sheikah use in their matches was crystallised magic. They mined so much of it that magic became rare in the world.
2/25 c10 Zaari Vael
Zelda's nightmare this chapter is extremely reminiscent of Commander Shepherd's nightmares in Mass Effect 3. This isn't a complaint, I appreciate the reference, because I'm pretty sure it was a reference.

The dream sequence makes as much sense in your story as in Mass effect. But in this story, there is no Star Child, so that's a plus. The calling voices of those unable to be saved is super cool, and having played Mass Effect I was better able to imagine her dream.
2/24 c29 Dutchman75
I’m hoping you’ll update this soon. This is so far my absolute favorite story I’ve read in this universe and I can’t wait for more
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