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7/10/2021 c1 5AutumnKL
I find this short piece pretty charming despite the writing kinda crude compared to your more recent works. This story has a unique sort of quality to it that was found in earlier fanfics and is pretty fast paced and enjoyable.

I like the setting of this story and believes it could've easily been turned into a multi-chapter AU story. You didn't go into details regarding this world but from the snippets we were given, it would seem as if the humans and Saiyans co-existed in this Frieza ruled world. I also like your approach of Goku's character. While this Goku may be a bit ooc by later DBZ standard, I think what we as readers failed to realize often is that Goku back in early DBZ was actually a family man more focused on his family than anything and didn't improve all that much fighting-wise when compared to his end DB self. This detail you've got is definitely well put and sparked my interest as to how Goku's family life could've developed in the absence of Raditz and more complicated matters.

The reveal of Raditz and Frieza's story was totally unexpected and while I wish you could've given us hints of Raditz's reluctance a bit more through his dialogue with Goku, which I thought was pretty one dimensional, it's still good revelation and showed hidden depth in your portrayal of Raditz.

Your stories constantly shed light on the overlooked characters and I find myself enjoying the content despite the delivery not there yet. Thanks for this one shot.
12/2/2019 c1 0Shard0
Fantastic one-shot. It's an interesting au that isn't really explored that often in the fandom.
8/10/2017 c1 GodOfAngelsMercy
I have a requested story that I want you to writen :

Note: This in an alternative universe and yes this is indeed an OC character I made up ( basically he possibly looks over every other dimension In all of fiction / excluding our own world / and multiverse ) to be paired up with Vados ( From DBS / She is an Angel After All / Pure of heart / In which she has read his diary / basically records of his sad history / on how he became the monster he was today / which is extremely horrific and tragic / which would bring most people to tears )

Here is Info on him :

Name : Centaurious ( Birthright Name / When he was human / Which his good soul still resides within his seriously twisted mind of a head )

Nickname : Zeklor The Ultimate God Of True Omnipotence

( Nickname for someone so powerful he makes Anything - Anyone - Any- character in fiction Fanfiction - Non - Fiction and All Impossible - Beyond - Impossible - Realities , Fictions that don't even exist - including gods that are Close to omnipotence/ Nigh Omnipotence / And Omnipotents cant even stop him / Because his power is literally beyond what they can handle )

( Also he holds all Everything's / and Beyond - Everything's )( Which are infinite amount of fictions(containing a Infinite amount of Omniverses / which are nothing but sand sized marbles which he holds in his fingertip / Minus our world and the world we currently live in / which he probably watches in amusement at what goes on in every world throught fiction / even though they can't notice him / because he severely dwarfs the entire fiction in sheer size alone )

- Emperor - God - of - all - infinitely Beyond Omnipotent gods ( Including any other type of Omnipotence that will exist - and Never Exist )

( And All of that power that I just listed is what he can do in his - Regular - Base Form / I shudder to think what he can do at full power / Which is a Extremely - Terrifying - Nightmarish - Thing - To - Think - About )

Age : Unknown ( Possibly endless eternities )

Height : 9 Feet Seven inches ( Plus he can alter his size to literally - beyond - infinitely to whatever size he pleases / original height was 6 feet 4 inches / When he was human / Aka he once had bright blond hair / gorgeous face / and emerald green eyes )

Type Of Being : Beyond - Infinite - Dimensional Being ( No
character in any fiction can touch him or reach him / unless he wants them to )

Powers and Abilites : ( No character in Fiction and Fanfiction reality / plus outside of reality , can be as powerful as him / considering he absolutely has no apparent equal to Match his power ).

Home Planet / World / Universe : Gone( He destroyed it / Because of how they horribly treated him / including the tragic loss of the beautiful girl who once truly loved him / Rayettne / Long Silver hair ocean blue eyes and gorgeous face / basically this story idea was thought up due to constant dreams I once had as a kid / of this once sweet pure hearted man now turned monster ) .

Home Planet Name : Galaxar ( Which shares a striking resemblance to that of planet earth itself ) .

Appearance: White Hair , Glowing - Red - Eyes , White Colored - Face - and - Evil - Dark - Light- Weight - Covered - Armor - With - A - Black-
Cape flowing In the wind , He also carries a scepter .

Personality : ( Worse than any kind of evil character in all fiction , He used to be a kind loving pure hearted person / but the world he once lived in( which is full of nothing but anarchy and constant war / plus heartless people ) turned him into something horrible and terrifying / he can only be saved by the love of a gorgeous angelic girl / which will turn him back into the man he used to be )

Lifting strength : Limitless ( Or possibly immeasurable )

Weakness: None ( But there is one , and only one , he can only be saved by the pure love of a gorgeous angelic girl / which will give him the loving life he deserves and turn him back into the kind and caring loving man he used to be/ Aka in this story it is Vados from DBS / Since she is an angel after all )

That's the info on him .

Now here we go about the story :

This will be start of as an extremely dark story : but along the way as it progresses , will turn into a beautiful / yet / happy love story ( But there will be mentions of character death ) .

Rated M for : Sexual Content , Language , Blood and Gore , and Sexual Themes .

Romance/Hurt -Comfort / Angst / Adventure( with some horror / but not much / only in the beginning of the story ) )

Title: Demon Or Angel .

Summary: When a terrifying being from beyond the cosmos arrives in the world of dragon ball super a threat far beyond what they could possibly handle their last hope in preventing the monster from destroying their entire multiverse is the female attendant of Lord Champa Vados who will soon learn horrific tragedy of this broken monster of a man's past but can she save him only time will tell in our darkest love story yet between beast and angel .

That's it on the story

Hope you like my story idea and be interested in doing it .

Please if you kindly would ( I know it sounds like a really dark story but I think you might be able to write it )

Thank You:)
8/9/2017 c1 10roku1397
Very beautiful and heartwarming. Do write more heart touching stories...
8/8/2017 c1 Guest
Nice story, I think you should extend it with more chapters (what happened before and the continuation of this chapter)
8/8/2017 c1 2ashlovesdbz
that was good! poor raditz though. wonder how that universe would go with frieza being defeated a year early?

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