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for Lament of the Nightingale Book Four of Nightingale's Odyssey

5/6 c1 Summer Leondale
I like how the main characters met each other, I love the plot and everything about this book. Good job writer! If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to hardy novelstar. top or joye novelstar. top
10/16/2018 c16 KiritphxXx17
Down with Critics United!

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Now onto the actual review:
Just outside the door, Wright stood amongst a crowd of gentlemen engaged in a discussion concerning the lecture. He did not notice as a solitary figure hovered in silence on the edge of the crowd. Minutes ticked by until at long last the gentlemen excused themselves for refreshments just down the hallway. Only then did he glance to his left to discover her presence.

He has a black heart. :(
3/23/2018 c31 5iris2312
This novel was such an emotional one, but I suppose I should have known better seeing as how the first word of the title is "lament". Though it hurt me to see Erik struggle with so much in this novel, I thought it was beautifully written. The development of Erik and even Charles is very well done. I'm really looking forward to the final novel...please allow Erik to just rest in peace at the end, let him find stability and contentment, he deserves it.
3/23/2018 c28 iris2312
And finally Charles understands... not that he ever really could have before he saw with his own eyes just how his father struggled.. and yet Erik still managed to come out the other side.
3/23/2018 c25 iris2312
Aww look at dear Erik playing matchmaker for his love struck son...so adorable.
3/23/2018 c24 iris2312
Erik will me immortal because, despite everything he has been through, he has yet to succumb to death's final embrace...I don't want to think of our favorite musical genius being gone and it seems Damrosch agrees with me :) too bad Erik really couldn't be immortal...it would be interesting for the rest of the world if he were haha. Anyways, your writing is amazing and I've enjoyed your take on life after the Paris Opera, I look forward to finishing this story and progressing to your fifth novel. Though it's been hard to see Erik endure more pain and suffering after he finally seemed to have everything he ever wanted, I love that he only grows stronger with each challenge. I love seeing Christine, Nadir and Charles grow with him as well.
3/22/2018 c12 iris2312
And there's that neurosurgeon God complex, good thing Erik can still knock an arrogant man down a few pegs.
3/8/2018 c31 40E.M.K.81
So Carnegie bought the violin! Either he was the highest bidder in the auction or he somehow managed to buy it back.

If I remember correctly Erik and Carnegie had some quarrel in the past? This seems to be overcome by both of them now. It is good that Charles now knows what his father did for him. This will repair their relationship better than anything else.

Now Erik is not afraid someone might see the scars on his wrists, he is just happy to have the violin back.

It is really a merry Christmas for them, I guess.

Will you start publishing your next story next week?
3/7/2018 c31 MarilynKC
What a happy surprise ending. Thank you. Looking forward to Book Five and its travails.
3/7/2018 c31 28Not A Ghost3
Oh, I hope you post the next installment soon! Can't wait!
3/7/2018 c31 cario
A beautiful way to end this novel. Looking forward to the next one.
2/28/2018 c30 40E.M.K.81
Erik selling his violin - this just shows how much he loves his son. What he is willing to sacrifice for his son's happiness. I wonder if Charles will ever realize how much his father is willing to do to ensure his son's happiness.

But seeing Erik - with his decades of drug-abuse and addiction - just drinking himself to oblivion is not a good sign. If he keeps that up he'll end up as drunkard. They should be careful, he should be careful.
2/28/2018 c30 MarilynKC
In the midst of joy for Charles, Erik is in a particularly sad place. Still, this is what we do for our children, our future! True love.
2/21/2018 c29 28Not A Ghost3
Poor, poor Erik...
2/21/2018 c29 MarilynKC
How sad and beautiful - Erik really will do anything for Charles. Hopeful that it will work, even if just eventually.
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