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3/19 c9 wowen.ruiz
MAN! Vegeta really became a freaking KING! A REAL ONE!
2/28 c14 HungrySnack
I just found this story, and it is surprisingly good. I expected from the summary what could best be described as ... crap. However, I was impressed. Thankyou for writing what you did of this story.
1/6 c14 ShadowCub
Really hoping no one is in bed with the Asari. The Saiyans need to put their secrets out as racial secrets...don't let the Citadel races find out. They've all been indoctrinated already on that space station.
1/6 c13 ShadowCub
They are NOT going to start training other races to use ki are they? That's the most ridiculous thing ever.
12/22/2022 c14 GraphaSaiyanGod
I really like your story. I really wish that you continue with it, but if you are not continuing it, would alright if I do on Wattpad or at least use it as a reference for my own Dragon Ball Super and Mass Effect crossover?
10/30/2022 c5 7Mend1cant Bias
Why doesn’t anyone just wish for their FAMILY MEMBERS back, literally Bulma could find the Dragon Balls throughout the galaxy with the sensor equipment she had, and she used them on nonsensical things
8/28/2022 c14 Adam Jensen-AugmentedTF29Agent
I wonder what happens next?
7/18/2022 c1 3loki98065
not a huge fan of dbz but do always love mass effec, but love this one. was wondering if you were going to change the reapers some how to make them more challenging in some way, just one ss3 woupd prob be over kill for the whole reaper force let alone 3million of them? and was looking forward to seeing what the Shepard twins would look like powered by ki lol fingers crossed you come back to this at some point in thr future.
6/28/2022 c14 2Night Shadow76
THIS is how I expected the Saiyans to interact with the Mass Effect universe! I literally had an evil laugh at how the batarians thought they would have a 'simple' slave run. A single Saiyan is enough to destroy a fleet, a Super Saiyan is enough to take over a system. Vegeta was just overkill and I LOVE IT! Add the fact that now that the Batarians, the slaver breed that it, are now wiped out and the GOOD Batarians can start rebuilding into something ACTUALLY beautiful, as Balak foolishly thought of his race in ME3, and you are on the road to having a more sane galaxy. Then the Krogan cure put in with Wrex at the top Krogan, WITH KI, just adds gravy to the succulent meat and fluffy mashed potatoes.

Another thing, you already put how the Quarians have acted towards the Saiyans, with the exception of Zaal'Koris who I would love to see speak with Gohan about peace talks with the geth, but I would LOVE to see how the geth respond to the Saiyans. Would they see them as a threat, would they seek them out for dialogue and exchange of data, would they ask the Saiyans to help broker peace with their creators? So many questions and I can't wait to see the results.

The only thing I would have to nit pick at, and really it's not even a factor to be honest, is the lack of showing of the descendants of the Z Fighters. Like who is Goku and Vegeta's most current descendant that would most likely join the Shepard twins. Again, this isn't even a factor to worry about as this story is awesome without.

One last thing, what I said about the saiyans compared to the fleets and or militaries of the ME universe, same thing for the Reapers. I can just picture Harbinger going 'Assu-" before the body is destroyed before 'assuming direct control', with that being the meme for a portion of the chapter. And then the Reapers themselves. Sovereign, or Nazara, whichever you want to use, wouldn't last longer than a few seconds, if only because of the size and how much stronger than the normal ships it is, but that really doesn't amount to much. It wouldn't even a be a war with the Reapers against the galaxy, it would be a brawl between the Reapers against the Saiyans, with the Saiyans MAYBE taking casualties, not deaths, just light injuries from the attacks, injuries that would be comparable to sun burn. Oh wait, that's Ki trained humans, saiyans would get tiny bruises, IF THAT.
3/12/2022 c2 7CALlC0
I feel like goku wouldn't need ssr to deal with gotenks. He was always stronger than them even when they were combined in like purely his base
3/12/2022 c14 haseosamaa
1/28/2022 c14 E
Well, I don't know if this will be continued, but what's written is pretty good.
1/16/2022 c14 cayd36
This is so good, please don't be dead.
1/7/2022 c1 N1cok
This is one of those rare stories that I favourite.
1/7/2022 c14 N1cok
This is a unique story that I would love to see continued. There is only one story similar to this that I have found. It's similar to this but instead of Dragon Ball it's Bleach.
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