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for Vision of a Valkyrie

11/12/2017 c1 renata.deoliveirasena
I loved how you started this amazing piece.

He fell from that wall he did not want to take particularly; fell and failed to conquer a city he had no interest in – at least, before he saw her; fell with a raging roar, fell covered with blood he did not know was his or the soldier he just killed's. He fell into the river beneath the wall. He fell and his axe with him. He fell, looking at the sky and Odin's ravens flying right above him. He fell for her.

The symbology of falling in love and falling from the wall he didn't want at first, but became desperate to have when he saw her. It was so great when he saw what was hidden beyond the wall. The poverty, disease and suffering his kin brought to the marble city. In their hunger to have the wealth and prosperity, they destroyed what they wanted to take. Like Midas realising his touch is more a curse than a blessing.

It as so good to see both remembering their journeys while walking to Valhalla. I love Gisla being grumpy and fierce. It seems Rollo loved it as well. Hahaha.
8/14/2017 c1 9fireman23
Well, I must have overlooked the alert... ;)
Nice story so far - are you planning on continuing?
It only feels as if Rollo was a bit out of character, after all he is the one to put himself in the gods hands, whereas Ragnar not always accepts his fate and challenges the gods - and he is regretting many things no one in this era would really have been regretting too much...

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