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5/7 c5 Ren
Alright I'll stop now. I understand that it has its appeal but there were just way too many characters added in. Kinda hard to take them seriously and be interested in 'em you know? But anyway, you have a wonderful fic going on here author-san! Keep it up. It's just not my cup of tea.
5/1 c11 4superlance909
First time giving a review on this story. Let's see how it goes.
The first time I read the story (back in October 2020 I think), I thought it was good, but a lot of the minor details went over my head. At the time, Oregairu was the only anime I had watched that was featured in this crossover. Everything else went over my head, especially since I had no idea what any of the characters actually looked like.
Then this year, I decided to give it a reread, since I was bored and wanted to give this one a try again. And wow, it was a lot better the second time around! I was more familiar with the other source materials in this crossover this time, so it made for a more enjoyable read. I also decided to actually look up what the characters even looked like, so it gave me a better mental image of everyone (the character list on your Devianart helped a lot too). I've reread this story at least three times now, and it just continues to be good.
I'm a big fan of huge crossovers, but sadly, they're not very common. And most of the ones that do exist usually have a self-insert protagonist, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I personally think it makes for a less interesting story. So this one is basically the mega crossover that I've been looking for!
Excited to see what Hachiman does next, and curious to see how you go with the Food Wars route! Hope to see an update for the story soon!
2/19 c9 DeMightyLubu
Having a character speak their thoughts out loud is an extremely vexing trope. It grates on my nerve whenever this happens. Hachiman unconsciously speaking out his thoughts in this chapter is out of character. Never before in this story was he shown speaking unconsciously, to have him do so now is just bad writing. Other than that, the writing was exceptional! If I could I would favorite this story a thousand times. I’m surprised it hasn’t reached 1k as of yet. This story literally made me cry. The scenes hit you in the feels. The comedy had me laughing like a buffoon. Great story. Can’t ask for more.
1/29 c11 surya25addanki
I've read this fic in 2 days continuously, it is amazing , I like each and all the women in their unique way, I've never actually seen or read oregairu, but I like this characters, hope Hachiman becomes more comfortable and starts to see many of them as friends
1/25 c1 Khonkyawza
so good. u better write it to the end or i will become a ghost when i suddenly die.
1/12 c11 JustARegularGuy
I saw an update, did my eyes playing games kek
12/9/2020 c11 11WwEpsilonwW
Nice chapter! You did a good job at making the past Hachiman a different character, thus alluding to how much of a better person the 'present' one is instead of him. The other backstories were interesting, as you were able to answer my question about Orimoto's role in his life. Also... bruh... I did not need to imagine that scene with Haruno.
12/9/2020 c11 Steppe
I give this a 9.5 out of 10! Minus .5 points because of the slow updates! I somehow have mixed feelings of finding a story this good so early and wanting to find this late so that I can be spared from the suffering of waiting. Going by the current pace of which you update I wonder how old I would be when this is completed. That is if this DOES get completed. Anyway really good story here. This introduced me to some manga series that I didn't know about. And I gotta say that way the characters here act are pretty accurate. I look forward to the adventure that Hachiman and co will experience in this story. Keep up the good work! And though you guys have probably already heard, or read, this from other people but please don't drop this. It's earned the position in my top three fanfics and I'm really enjoying this. And that's it for me I guess. Once again thank you very much for the wonderful fanfic and I REALLY hope this continues.
12/8/2020 c11 5NPwall
Nice chapter
12/7/2020 c11 exile0021
been waiting for this! thank your for still continuing your work!
12/5/2020 c7 11WwEpsilonwW
Speaking of... will Orimoto get some screen time (word time) in this story? It would be interesting to see how the other Hachiman handled their middle school encounter. Was he always the way he was? Was Orimoto's rejection a cause for his warped personality? Actually, I might not even care about the backstory, I just want to see how she reacts when she sees Hachiman.
12/1/2020 c11 WwEpsilonwW
Super duper amazing story! Don't let any of these guys and girls rush you on releasing. With having a few fanfics under my belt as well, I can sympathize with the effort that gets put into amazing pieces like this. Can't rush perfection.
12/1/2020 c10 Achagoya0072
forgot to add something in my last review/ you use the term genuine too much in this story. that specific scene is definitely important, but you are blowing it out of porportion. the big takeaway from that scene is hikigaya and the service club wanting to open up to each other. but your hachiman is always thinking "is this genuine" "is that genuine" that it trivializes that moment for him down to a practically meaningless word. like he tells utaha she can be genuine, like what does that mean? everybody can be genuine. and everybody 8man has met is not genuine in canon when they first start interacting with him but it doesnt mean he will decide not to associate with them, thats based on his preconcieved perceptions of certain types of people, like hating nice girls and riajuu. hell, the girl he ends up with has a persona she keeps to hide her insecurities but 8man blames himself for pushing the expectation of her being honest onto her instead of obsessing about how her ice queen persona is a facade.

so pretty much, stop using the word genuine as its getting repetitive and it feels like this 8man is a robot who doesnt take anything into account and selfishly pushes this expectation of honesty onto others and gets annoyed when it isnt adhered to.

besides that, great story and i cant wait to see more.
11/30/2020 c11 BentShuriken
I really liked how the part at the beginning with Aqua gave a sort of theme to the chapter, something to think over while going through the parts. Getting some in universe 8man reveals is fleshing out his personality niceley, it's a nice chance to get into the heads of some of the heroines too. These girls like to swoon over 8man a lot though. If they keep it up I might end up getting convinced they're onto something, and i'm not even a cute anime girl!
11/29/2020 c11 Achagoya0072
i felt like the miura interlude was a bit redundant and it went pretty much how one would think the incident with her clique went with how its alluded too. the whole book ripping event wouldve been more interesting.
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