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6/15/2018 c1 5TheSecondBestBed
Gunther has every right to feel the way he does. Just to think of what Al might be doing to Jane in that dark cave for HOURS?! It's pretty horrific. And Dragon's suffering too, but Gunther just doesn't see that because he's too focused on his own emotions. I love stories with just these two because their dynamic is so interesting. They both have these hotheaded temperaments to them and both care for Jane yet they're in a weird place when it comes to getting along. I think you portrayed their relationship perfectly, especially with how calm-before-the-storm Dragon is right now. He's holding it together but you can tell he's bubbling inside with something sad and dark.
8/14/2017 c1 26lareepqg
You already know how much I like this, but everyone deserves reviews, right? I’ll try to think of things we haven’t already talked about...but no promises. :)

So...this is an angst-fest. Like seriously. Like you are WALLOWING in the angst here, lathering Gunther up with apprehension and I LOVE every delicious moment of it. Poor Gunther is torturing himself and swirling, swirling around his own worry and fears.

UGH, watching him cycle around and trying to distract himself with happy memories of Jane. It was killer. His happy memories are SUCH a great device to make his panic worse. They really hit home- make you go *squish* and *aaah* and *SOB* all at once. I loved the diversity of the memories too! They’re all great choices and creatively displayed. I think my favorite is the ribbons, because it SEEMS like it would be out of character for Jane, but it’s not, not really. She’d do anything for Lavinia, and Gunther being charmed by it? So, so very sweet. I love it.

However, being the narrative girl I am, I think my favorite part is Gunther’s interaction with Ivon. It’s very telling of Gunther’s state of mind and of course he’d give anything, anything to get Jane back- and Ivon doesn’t just intuit this, he FULLY supports Gunther’s actions. So much so he gives up his cloak and *weeps* tells him to bring back “our Jane”. Ivon is so very hands-off (or maybe not? Maybe he’s just subtle in a bumbling way?) But it’s clear he understands Jane just as well as he understands Gunther, and loves her just the same. They are such a tight-knit group it breaks my heart. Castle-bros abound!

Second favorite is Gunther’s argument with Dragon. I think you’ve managed to capture Dragon’s voice very well- Dragon is just as worried as Gunther is, and it’s clear that he’s taking things very seriously. Yet..you managed to keep his actual dialogue a little glib (as requested, lol). It’s perfect and shows that despite Dragon’s somewhat silly nature, he is NOT stupid or a pushover, and has the ability to think and plan ahead. Oh, how it must have killed Dragon to stop and insist on a nap. Poor lizard breath!

And finally, when they wake up. Gunther being a little wonky-headed and then genuine concern from Dragon. Castle-bros!

Thank you again for this, wonderful as always!
8/11/2017 c1 Bookloverdream
I couldn't read through this fast enough. Frantic. Indeed!
8/11/2017 c1 79SunRise19
NO! NO NO NO NO! Poor Gunther! I just want to hug him or something! I'm off to read more!

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